Administrative Guide to Great Events

Administrative Guide to Great Events

Introduction to the role and duties of an Event Staff member

Welcome to the Event Team for PERPHEADS. We are excited to see that you have advanced within the community! The community is looking forward to your tenure as a member of the event team. The prominent role as a member of the event team is to create events, below is a structured guide on how to suit your position.

As a member of the PH event team, it is within our best interests to bring fun, lively roleplay to the community by providing in-depth, realistic, and proper instances of the event. Something as small as the status of the weather to something as major as a prisoner outbreak. The possibilities are endless.

Steps to Laying out a Proper Event

1. The Basics

a) Map out your event, come up with a base idea and layout; what events are going to take place, who’s involved, etcetera.

b) Involve other members of event staff or even the staff team, this helps build team chemistry and productivity in regards to the event.

c) Set up a document, for an overview; a post-draft of your event to look at any mistakes to point out for the future.

2. Learning the Rules

a) Ensure that your event does not break any rules listed on the server rules or global rules.

b) Run the event over with a member of the upper administration, gives them a heads up as to what is occurring, and the idea of the event. If none are present the Community Manager is sufficient, again, ask for permission before planning out an event that may cause drama and/or unrest amongst the server.

c) Ensure you are not overstepping your duties, you are not a staff member, you are not to moderate the server in any capacity.

Any breaching of the aforementioned rules will lead to punishment at the discretion of the Community Manager, Senior Administration or Owner/s.

Execution and Controlling the Event

1. Controlling the Event

a) Ensure you do not force the event onto players. If they don’t quite see the hints, be patient and attempt to do /desc and other methods of notifying the player of the event.

b) Do NOT OOCly notify them of the event. This harms roleplay and immersion greatly, could be seen as metagame.

c) If the event heads out of your control, try to steer it into a more positive and enjoyable experience for the player, if that doesn’t resolve the issue contact a higher member of the staff team to get it sorted out.

2. Immersion

a) Your event should not purposely create a certain outcome, like the arrest of a certain player, or force the outcome of an event to be beneficial to a specific group such as organisations or the PLPD.

b) If a faction or group is ignoring your event, request a member of Senior Administration or the Community Manager to come up with unique and original methods on how to punish players in an ic manner.

c) Ensure all props you place down are not unrealistic and any plot devices or events you use are logically possible in the current date.

3. Quality

a) The quality of the event should always be more important than how long it is or how much content is in it. If the Event is long but your setting was terrible, perhaps it would be better to give the event a proper setting rather than length.

b) Events do not have to be a /event or even contain any characters or locations. They could be as simple as hovering to a player walking and doing a /desc to build immersion or tension.

Conclusion a) We hope that you have found some form of guidance from this guide on how to create events, improve roleplay, and overall make the atmosphere of the server better. If you have any questions, feel free to DM Husky or Dom_ regarding anything discussed in this document. The information provided in this guide should prove useful.



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