Ban Appeals

Ban Appeals

What is a ban appeal? A ban appeal is another way of apologising for the ban or (blacklist is server only) that you have received on the server or the forums. You can apologise for your bad actions that you might've done on the server or on the forums. To make an appeal you need to do the following; Firstly, you need to head onto the forums and go down to the administation category, click on 'Ban Appeals': appeal.

After doing this, you then need to find the template for your appeal. Click on here to find out more: appeal2.

After this, you must click on 'Post thread' which is found here: ars3.

After clicking on 'Post thread', copy and paste the template into the blank space and fill out correctly: appeal3

The staff team appreciate if you fill the whole template in properly, by leaving out SteamID's for example slows the process down, it's there for a reason. Make sure to title it properly, by putting the name of the Staff member who banned you. This helps speed the process up much faster. Ban appeals may take a few days for a staff member to look at it and reply to, in which case, do not harass the Staff member to deal with it.



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