Punishment Appeals

What is an appeal?

An appeal is a way of apologizing, or disputing your ban or blacklist that you have received on the server or the forums. You can apologize for bad actions that you might have committed on the server or on the forums. Or you can dispute the validity of your ban, warning or blacklist. An important thing to note is that you cannot appeal a warning unless you are disputing the validity of it.

How to make one.

You must first understand what type of appeal it is you wish to create. Are you apologizing for your actions? Or are you disputing the validity of your ban, warning or blacklist?

You must also bring evidence to a dispute so that your ban, warning or blacklist can be proven wrong. This evidence can be posted in the 'Additional Information' box. Valid evidence includes - Demos, Shadowplay, Plays.tv, Gyazo or even Youtube videos.

To make an appeal, you need to do the following; Firstly, you need to head onto the forums and go down to the administation category and click on 'Ban Appeals'. Then, click 'Create Appeal'. A form will be provided, in which case you will need to fill it out.



Other notes

The staff team appreciate if you fill in the whole form properly. Leaving out SteamID's for example, slows the process down. Make sure to name the staff member that punished you. You can find their name in your punishment on our bans page. Appeals may take a few days for a staff member to look at it and reply to, in which case, please do not ask the Staff member to deal with it. When replying to an Appeal that you've posted, please follow the basic conduct rules of our forums to the best of your abilities.

To find your SteamID - https://www.steamidfinder.com/

To create a punishment appeal - https://perpheads.com/form/2/select



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