Staff Responsibilities


The Head Administrator is responsible for the entire staff team's performance and management, this includes overviewing the work of the staff team, ensuring that everyone is fulfilling their role to an acceptable standard and that tasks such as staff complaints and staff applications are carried out. The Head Administrator can also carry out other administrative tasks if they wish.


Senior Administrators assist the Head Administrator in ensuring the performance and management of the staff team, this includes dealing with staff complaints, dealing with disputes and staff applications, whilst also updating the rules to ensure for quality gameplay. Senior Administrators may also carry out other administrative tasks such as appeals and action requests if they wish.


Administrators are generally picked by the Senior Administration team. We look for Administrators that have a certain set of qualities; confidence, good discretion, management, and control. Administrators also assist the Senior Administration in their duties, this includes but not necessarily limited to the following, assisting the Senior Administration team when going through staff applications, passing on messages to staff members, processing Refund Requests in-game and helping with additions/changes to the rules. Administrators are still obliged to assist the staff team with reports and carry out administrative tasks on the forum as well as oversee them. Administrators are also able to deal with staff complaints on staff members who hold the rank Moderator or below. Furthermore, Administrators are each given a specific administrative task, such as Action Requests or Refund Requests, to ensure the completion of. Administrators are also involved with the decisions to promote other staff members.


Senior Moderator is given to experienced Moderators who have been in the staff team for a considerable time and are therefore trusted to carry out their duties exceptionally well. They are responsible for mentoring staff members below them and are given more tools than Moderators in order for them to assist with more serious incidents on the server that Administrators would have had to deal with previously, this is another stepping stone for progression and works well to motivate our staff. Senior Moderators deal with administrative tasks on the forum, such as Action Requests, Disputes, and Refund Requests.


Moderators are promoted via a decision from Administrators and Senior Administration, following exceptional performance in the role of Enforcer. Moderators are responsible for responding to reports on the server and they have to have a solid knowledge of the rules and display reliable discretion. Moderators are also a great help to Enforcers as they have extensive knowledge of the rules and several extra powers in order to assist. Moderators also deal with administrative tasks on the forum such as Action requests, Disputes, and Refund Requests.


Enforcers are promoted via public applications, processed by Administrators and Senior Administration. Enforcers have limited permissions and logs and therefore can only deal with simple situations and reports which do not require a lot of information. Enforcers are commonly assisted by Moderators in their duties. Enforcers may also assist with some administrative tasks on the forum, and are expected to actively assist players on the server with any difficulties, including being active in HELP chat.


Helpers are given their rank through an application process which is generally processed by Administrators and Senior Administration. This role is given to those who are experienced and willing to help newer players on the server. Helpers are required to have a strong understanding of the rules and must demonstrate this in order to help new players. Helpers may also help to clear up disrespect or other similar issues on the forum or in text chat on the server. Helpers who may break rules are to be dealt with like normal players and will lose their rank should they receive a ban, or get a warning for a serious offense, Helpers who may abuse their very limited permissions will be dealt with through staff complaints.


The Community Manager role is not a staff rank and carries no permissions with it, staff members who carry this rank may hold it in addition to their staff rank. The role of the Community Manager is to increase the levels of communication between the Administration team and the community, ensuring a level of transparency whilst ensuring that the community's voices are being heard when it comes to relevant community decisions and plans. The Community Manager is also responsible for suggesting methods to maintain a healthy player count and therefore the maintenance of the community by providing solutions to relevant issues.



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