Ban Disputes

Ban/Warning Disputes

What is a dispute? A dispute to put very shortly, is a way where you can dispute the legitimacy of your warnings and bans that you may have received either on the forums or in-game. You're disagreeing with the punishment that you received, this is the way to deal with the punishment accordingly and correctly. It is extremely important that you have evidence. Evidence is the most crucial in any dispute as it shows the staff members dealing with the dispute what occured at the time. Failure to provide any evidence will get the Dispute denied. Firstly, you head to the forums. Like before, you scroll down to the 'Administration' category. Then you click on the 'Ban Disputes':


After doing this, you then need to find the correct section that your dispute falls under. After you find the correct section that your punishment falls under, select the one that is appropriate:


After selecting the correct one, you need to find the template. The templates are different to each other so double check that it's matching with the punishment that was given.


After finding the template and copying it, go back a page where you can see this in the top right of your screen. ars3

After this stage, you can paste in the template so you can fill it out with the right information. Forum rule 2.9 Thread titles, must be followed at all times.



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