If you face any content related issues after following this guide, please create a thread on our forums in the Support Section.

PerpHeads Content

We have a lot of custom content, so to be able to see everything you will need to subscribe to our workshop collection, PerpHeads Content Collection.

Counter Strike Source Content

As most Garry's Mod servers, we use certain Counter Strike Source props. So if you do not have Counter Strike Source installed you need to download below files.

CSS Content CSS map content

To install the Counter Strike Source content all you have to do is download the folders in the links above, then you extract the folder to your Garry's Mod addons folder.

Open File Explorer > Find the drive with your steam games > Navigate to Program Files (86x) > Open Steam Folder > Open steamapps folder > Open common folder > Open garrysmod folder > Open garrysmod folder > Open addons folder > Extract the CSS content and CSS map content you just downloaded to this folder. After installing the Counter Strike Source content, you must restart your game.

Conflicting content

Some users experience issues with models not displaying correctly, this is usually down to conflicting Garry's Mod content in the form of workshop addons or other content in your 'GarrysMod/models' or Addons folder. Disabling these addons prior to joining the server may fix some of these issues.



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Author: Youseff

Created On: May 7, 2020, 11:31 p.m.

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