One of the legal jobs you can become is a Courier. As a courier, you can make 10% of the cost of each order. Orders can be placed by an individual through the smartphone "Delivery" application or by a shop in the city such as Jennifer's.

Becoming a Courier

The amount of Courier slots available can be checked in the City Info application. Open your phone (Z by default) click City Info, then go to "City Employment", scroll down until you see the blue/teal Courier info. This shows you the amount of slots, the amount of slots that are taken and the base-salary for a taxi driver.

If there is an open position, head over to the business area and take a left on Flobers St. Take an immediate left onto Harbour Lane and proceed down the ramp until you reach the yellow warehouse.

Courier Location

You will see an NPC standing outside that you need to speak with to join the job. Courier NPC Once you have accepted the position by talking to the NPC, speak with them again to spawn a Courier van. Courier Vehicle NPC


Car Name Description
van GMC Vandura A very slow van with limited storage space.
transit Ford Transit Delivery The classic transit that delivery drivers love world wide, a reliable van. This van is unlocked at the rank of Courier
courier truck Van Doorn Delivery Van The ultimate delivery truck. Huge space for transporting goods and a fairly impressive top speed, other couriers will be jealous. This van is unlocked at the rank of Special Courier


Name Description
Junior Courier This is the entry-level Courier rank.
Courier A seasoned courier with lots of experience delivering to Paralake.
Special Courier The top dog of Couriers. The other couriers look up to them in awe

In addition to the information listed above, each Courier rank earns a higher salary than the last.


Delivering packages will grant experience. Putting points into the influence gene will increase the amount of experience gained from performing these tasks.

Receiving an Order

When you receive an order, you will receive a text message on your phone from the phone number "910-51011". The text message will give you details about the order including how much the order is for, and where to deliver the order to.

Courier Text

Picking up and preparing a package for delivery

To pickup and prepare a package, go into the yellow warehouse and you will see a courier package in the middle of the warehouse. The package will include the price, who the order is for, the person that ordered the item's phone number, and the location to deliver the package. Courier Package Once you see the package, take out your fists and right click on the package to pick it up. You will then carry the package to the back of the courier van. Courier Package Pickup Once near the back of the courier van, jump into the back of the van with the package and head to the back. You will see the package then automatically go to the back of the van. If you have multiple orders at once, go get the other packages to save yourself multiple trips. Carry the other packages to the back of the van and you will see them stack on top of each other once you put the package in the back of the courier van. Courier Package Back of Truck

Delivering a Package

Once all of the packages are in the back of your courier van that you need to deliver, start heading to the destination of one of your packages in your courier van. Once you arrive at your destination, park in a safe area and turn the vehicle off. Once out of the courier van, go to the back and jump inside. Hit "E" on the package and you will see a menu with all the packages currently located inside your courier van. Select the package you would like to deliver. Courier E Menu Back of Truck It will put the item in your "weapon bar". You can select the package by hitting "2" and left clicking on your mouse. If you are delivering the package to a store, head to the store NPC and choose the option to deliver the package. Courier Deliver to Shop If you are delivering the package to a person, and need more information about the package after it is in your "weapon bar", look in the bottom right of your screen and it will show the cost, who you are delivering it to, and the phone number of the individual. Courier 2 Menu Once you get near the person you are delivering it to, hit "2" on the "weapon bar" and left click to drop the package. Courier Deliver Package to Individual Once you deliver the package, you will get a notification in the bottom right of your screen with how much money you made! Courier Receive Money



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