Courier is a legal job where you earn money by delivering packages to their destinations. This guide will explain everything you need to know to become a Courier!

Becoming a Courier

Before becoming a Courier, you should check the City Info app for available Courier slots, It can be found under City Employment tab. After checking for available slots, You will have to drive over to the Courier warehouse located in Business Sector near the Docks and Projex apartments.

Courier Map

After arriving at the location, You will see a yellow Warehouse with an open garage right next to the Pub, In front of which, is an NPC. Talk to the NPC and select the first option to become a Courier. After you become Courier, speak to the same NPC again in order to select your vehicle! You can claim the vehicle by selecting the ones available and pressing the "Claim" button on bottom right.

Courier Warehouse

Players will be able to contact you by either calling 147 or by the use of /courier chat. You can also use /courier in order to communicate with your fellow Courier!


Car Name Description
GMC Courier Van GMC Vandura A Compact Delivery Van with a top speed of 48 mph (77 kmh). It's very maneuverable but can only carry 2 packages.
Ford Courier Van Ford Transit Upon achieving the rank of Courier, you will be granted access to the Ford Transit. A right hand drive Delivery Van with top speed of 49 mph (78 kmh). It is slightly bigger and can carry 4 packages instead.
Van Doorm Courier van Van Doorm Upon achieving the rank of Special Courier, you will be granted access to the Van Doorm. A large-sized Delivery Van with a top speed of 45 mph (72 kmh). It has a very large package capacity, being able to carry 8 packages!


In order for players to rank up, they will have to deliver packages to earn experience. They can check their progress by going to the F1 Menu and then clicking on the Jobs tab.

It is highly recommended to increase the Influence gene and/or ask the mayor to enable the Advanced Training Policy, this will greatly increase the amount of experience gained from delivering!

Name Description
Junior Courier This is entry-level Courier rank
Courier Increased salary and unlocks access to the Ford Transit Delivery Van.
Special Courier Increased salary and unlocks access to the Van Doorm Delivery Van.

Receiving Orders

They are two type of Orders you can deliver. The first ones are Shop Orders. You will receive occasional texts from a phone number 910-51011 with package details such as the price, type of order and it's destination. Another way is Player Orders, which you can receive whenever a player orders anything from the Delivery App on their phone.

Courier Delivery Text

Pick-up and Delivery of Packages

Once you receive an order, reverse your van in front of the open garage right next to the NPC, Then equip your fists and right click on the package to drag it. Press Left Click to throw the package into the back of the van. After loading in the package, you can enter your van and drive to it's destination.

Courier Package

If you can't locate a customer, you can drop the package and use it to find their contact number! If the customer doesn't respond, you either leave the package at the delivery drop-off point or speak to the Courier NPC at the Warehouse to return it!

Once you arrive at the drop-off point, you can jump in the back of the van and press E on the packages. It will open up a small menu which will allow you to take any of the packages loaded in the van.

Courier Take menu

Press the "Take" option to pickup the package, after that, you will be able to see package info in the bottom right corner when "Delivery Package" tool is equipped.

Courier Package Info

To deliver Shop Orders, you will have to speak to the Shop NPC you are delivering to and then select the first option available. In order to deliver Player Orders, you will have to equip the "Delivery Package" in your toolbar and left click near the Customer to drop off the package.

Courier Delivery Destination

If you can't locate the packages drop-off point, then you can take the package from the van and use the Maps app to locate it, It will be shown as a small red dot.

After delivering the package, you will get a notification on the bottom right, which will show the amount of money you have earned.

Delivery notification bar

If there is only one Courier on the job, then they will receive 10% of the cost of each order they successfully delivered, However if two Couriers are on, then both will receive 5% from every delivery they completed instead. They will also receive 5% from each others deliveries as well!



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