Crafting can be a very tedious and expensive thing to do, however it is a very common trade to have on the server. whether you want to earn money by selling weaponry and ammunition to other players, or craft bombs and other stuff for yourself it all comes down to crafting.

The Menu

To get the crafting menu in front of you, click F1 and head over to Mixtures.

Here you can find all the craftable objects aswell as the required materials and skills for each object. these skills can be bought at the Hospital if you did not have them already and the materials can be bought around town at places such as Uncle Cos, Guns Blazin and Rachnatech

In order to craft anything you need a workbench you can buy this at the Right NPC in Uncle Cos

This is the bare minimum you need in order to craft anything.

After you bought it you need to return to your base, open the Q menu and click the workbench in order to equip it

in your base you will find predefined spots for this workbench when you stand too far away it will appear red, meaning you cannot place it

and as you walk closer this red colour will turn into green meaning you can place the workbench you can do so by right left clicking. Congratulations, you have placed the workbench! now you can go ahead and start crafting!


Some furniture you can buy at the shops, most you have to either buy them off other players or craft them yourself! since a lot of furniture is made out of wood, you'd need the Wood working level this is not that much of a necessity but I'll go over it regardless, the most convenient way to level up your Wood working is to craft wooden fences as you can use these as defense in bases and other scenario's. if you really want to you can even sell them to other players.

Other furniture that you can find in this menu is based around genetics and skills rather than wood working example of this is given on the image below. so make sure you have to correct skills!

By crafting furniture you can level up your crafting level and have handy props you can engage in roleplay with. but for the people that would like to make some money, there is a more profitable way to level up the crafting level which brings us to the next part of this guide.


Whether you want to raid, defend or just sell them to others, weapons are very useful to have. however, getting started might prove difficult and expensive, hence why I am here to help you with it!

You want your Firearms level to eventually be around 85 so you can craft assault rifles as those tend to be demanded the most and sell for some good profit. but where to get started?

Baseball Bats As you can see, there is no firearms requirement level for baseball bats so get to Uncle Cos buy 2x Chunk of plastic and 1x Hunk of polymer and return to your workbench to make a couple of them. select the baseball bat and you will see this

Click on Craft and it will show you a progress bar like this

if you already have a weapon on you, the crafted item will be placed in the workbench storage, you can access this by pressing E on it.

Craft your way up to Firearms level 3 and start making pistol Ammo as you can sell these for some good profit (everyone wants ammo, especially pistol ammo as it can be used for the majority of the concealed weapons)

Make pistol Ammo until you reach Firearms Level 20 at this point you'll want to craft either bobby pins (always get bought by other players) or double barreled shotguns until you reach Firearms Level 35 (I personally went with bobby pins and this choice still gives me money up until this day.)

You can now craft Remington 870's and Shotgun Ammo and you should do this along with different types of weapons and ammo until you reach Firearms level 66

Because now you can craft Sniper Ammo, this can be sold for some good profit and will level your firearms up a lot faster than before. do this until you reach Firearms Level 85 and you can now craft Assault rifles which are always in high demand.



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