Development Credits

Fredy - Coding

StephenPuffs - Coding, Texturing

TinySlayer - Coding, PLPD Online

XQuality - Mapping, Texturing, Sounds/Music

Bolli - Coding, Testing, etc

Roxie - Coding, PLPD Online

Samuel - Coding, PLPD Online

Ayjay - Coding, Mapping, Texturing, PLPD Online

Carrot - Modeling, Testing

Lelios - Modeling, Mapping, Testing

Madda - Coding

Riekelt - PLPD Online

Smudger - PLPD Online

Dank - Coding

Thanks to:

  • Hunts for creating the original PERP gamemode

  • RedMist and several others for adding many things to PERP

  • The staff team for their countless hours of dedication to administrating the server

Additional Resources:

  • TDMCars for the car models

  • Firearms: Source for many of the weapon models

  • Fire alarm sound:

  • Lots of textures (RealWorldTextures1/2): TopHATTwaffle

If you think you are missing from this list please contact me at



Version: 3

Author: Samuel

Created On: Sept. 12, 2021, 6:51 p.m.

Created By: Samuel