Editors Guide

This guide is to provide help for those creating guides. You will need to be provided with an 'Editor' rank to create pages and images. Contact TinySlayer for more information.


Creating A New Page

When creating a new page, press the 'Create Page' button. Here you will be greeted with a form where you will be required to enter a page's information. A slug for the page will be generated automatically from the title that you enter, however you can modify this if you desire. You are also required to choose a category for which the page will be placed.

The slug cannot be changed, so don't make a mistake.

Once you have filled in the required details, it is recommended that you save the page, before continuing.

Editing A Draft

To edit a draft, you will need to be on the 'Manage' view of the page. When editing a draft, you need will be using the text editor. It is recommended that you look at the following link first if you require assistance in how to use the editor. https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax/


  • When inserting images, follow the guidance provided below and avoid using images which haven't been uploaded to the site where possible.
  • To preview the page save the draft and view the preview on the manage page.
  • Save the draft regularly to avoid losing your work.
  • The markdown can be temperamental, with spacing in sometimes problematic areas the main cause of issues.

Publishing A Page

Once you are ready to publish a page, go to the 'Manage' view and click 'Request Approval', Once requested you will need to wait for a Senior Editor to approval and publish the page.

Editing A Published Page

If there is a page you wish to edit, that has already been published, go to the 'Manage' view and press the 'Lock Page' button. This means that no one else will be able to edit the draft while locked. Once locked, click 'Start New Version'. When happy with the draft, request approval for the new version.


Creating A New Image

When creating a page, you may want to add images. To do this, click the 'Browse Images' button on the home page, then click the green plus. Press the 'Browse' button to choose an image, and add a title for which the image will be named.

Inserting An Image

Once an image is approved, you will be able to insert and view it. To insert an image go to browse images and click the 'Copy Markdown to Clipboard button'

Image Manage Example

This is an example of what will be copied: ![Example Title](/image/c54b6e64-6139-4a54-9ecb-ae96900cb577)

Next, simply paste this in the place you would like a save the draft.

Editing An Image

If you want to edit an image, you can do so by going to 'Browse Images' and clicking 'Manage'.

Image Manage Example

Here you can view all the previous versions of the image and change the image. To change the image, click 'Upload New Draft' and complete the form. Once the modified version is approved, all copies of the image will automatically be changed.

Image Tips

  • If you would like to change the size of the image use the following:
    • ![Example Title](/image/c54b6e64-6139-4a54-9ecb-ae96900cb577){ width= px; height= px }



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