Forum Reports

What is a forum report? A forum report is a way to report other users behaviour on the forums, from being disrespectful to rating abuse. To report someone on the forums, it's a very simple task. Here's how to do it with a step by step guide. You may come across something on the forums that may not belong on there, whether that being an un-needed comment/reply to a meaningless thread. All of these can be reported in seconds. You should see at the bottom of the thread/reply there will be a button with 'report' on it: Forum Reports

When you click on that it will bring open an overlay where you can write your reason in: Forum Reports 2

It is important that you write the rule number in the box depending on which one they broke. It's nice if you explain what is wrong with the content. After clicking 'report' it will be sent to all staff members who can view it. Only 1 staff member can deal with it and they can explain why or why they didn't remove it which will then be alerted back to you.



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Author: SpaceShots

Created On: May 9, 2020, 10:09 p.m.

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