Genes allow players to gain bonuses in different things such as combat or crafting. Everyone starts with 5 genes, and can buy up to 15 genes in total. Genes can be managed in the F1 menu.

Buying Genes

Genes can be purchased from the "GeneTech" NPC at the hospital. You can also reset your genes for $5,000 and choose new genes to invest your gene points in.

Gene Number Cost
6 $5,000
7 $10,000
8 $15,000
9 $20,000
10 $25,000
11 $30,000
12 $35,000
13 $40,000
14 $45,000
15 $50,000
Total $275,000

Genes NPC

This is the NPC you should be looking for at the hospital to handle buying/resetting your genes. GenesNPC

Genetics Menu

This is the genetics menu that can be located in-game using F1 > Genetics. By clicking the + you will add one of your genes into a certain level. GeneticsMenu


Gene Benefits
Regeneration Health regenerates at a faster rate
Perception Required for crafting certain items
Influence Organisation and job experience gains are increased
Intelligence Required for crafting certain items
Strength Damage caused by punching is increased, and is also required for crafting certain items.
Dexterity Stamina regenerates at a faster rate, damage caused from falling is reduced, and is also required for crafting certain items


Different drugs can have a temporary positive or negative effect on your genes. Overdosing on drugs will remove any positive effects.

Drug Results
Alcohol Increased influence and dexterity
Cocaine Increased intelligence and reduced influence
Magic Mushrooms Increased dexterity and reduced strength
Marijuana Increased perception and reduced intelligence
Meth Increased strength and reduced perception
Painkillers Increased regeneration (although reduced when nearing an overdose)



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