How to make an Internal Affairs Complaint

How to make an Internal Affairs Complaint For the purpose of this document "PD", "PLPD" and "Police Department" will refer to the Paralake Police Department. "IA" will refer to the Internal Affairs Division within the PLPD.

What are Police Complaints?

An Internal Affairs Complaint is a formal complaint against an employee within the Paralake Police Department. You may submit a complaint against Police Officers, Dispatchers, Secret Service Agents and Civilian Staff. Once an Internal Affairs Complaint has been submitted, Internal Affairs Command will assign Investigators accordingly. Once the Investigator has received the complaint they will begin the investigation process. Generally an investigation will be concluded within 6 days upon assignment. During the investigation, the investigating officer will submit statement requests to the defendant and any potential witnesses as well as look into any evidence provided. Once the investigator has come to their conclusion, they will write a final report which will be presented to the Complaint Committee who will decide the final outcome of the complaint.

How to submit an Internal Affairs Complaint

You can submit an Internal Affairs complaint here. Once you are on the create Internal Affairs Page you will see this. On this page, there is a FAQ where it may have some very useful information to you before you submit the complaint. Once you are confident in moving forward with the complaint, press the big blue "NEXT STEP" button to continue with submitting the complaint. iafirstpage
Once you have clicked "NEXT STEP" you will be directed to the following page. On this page, you enter any identifier of the officer that you wish to make the complaint on. You do not need to fill out every box, only one to search for the officer. Once you have inputted an identifier hit the big blue search button. iapage2
Once you have hit the big blue search button, below the picture above (on the same page) it will output officers that match the identifier you have inputted. Be careful as if two people have similar names, you may be given two results therefore, it's always best to get a unique identifier such as the officers badge number or their steam/plpd username. Once you are confident you have found the officer you wish to make a complaint against, hit the blue "THIS OFFICER" button to continue with the complaint. iapage3
Once you have selected the correct officer, you will be directed to the page shown below. Here you will need to input the correct date, time and decide whether you want to remain anonymous to the investigator or not. Please note: you will always remain anonymous to the defendant. Once you have filled out that information you will need to fill out a detailed incident report on the situation along with any evidence you may have or any witnesses. Furthermore, please ensure you provide any information that may prove beneficial to the investigation of the complaint. At the bottom, you have the choice whether you would like the defendant to see the evidence or not. Please note, even if you choose to allow the defendant to see the evidence, although the investigator will usually only provide it to the defendant if it will prove beneficial to the investigation and it keeps your anonymity. Lastly, once all the details have been inputted, a button will appear allowing you to submit the complaint for investigation. iapage4

Additional Information

The Internal Affairs division is overseen by the Office of Professional Standards.
PSD Major Label A1L
IA Captain Label XShai123
IA LT Label nutrient10

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