Key Bindings

There are a number of different UI Menus on the server, the below controls show the main menus which you will be using, and how to bind them in your console.

Key Function Console Command
PERPHeads Menu bind F1 gm_showhelp
Organisation Page bind F3 gm_showspare1
Buddy Preferences bind F4 gm_showspare2
Report Menu (changed in F1)

General Controls

The following controls are the most common keys you will be using as any job whilst playing on the server.

Key Function Console Command
Inventory Wheel bind q +menu
Take Item bind e +use
Reload Weapon bind r +reload
Close Phone (changed in F1)
Local Chat bind y messagemode
Local OOC Chat bind u messagemode2
Toggle Flashlight bind f "impulse 100"
Toggle Whisper (changed in F1)
Open Phone (changed in F1)
Voice Chat bind x +voicerecord

Vehicle Functions

The following keys are for civilian vehicle control. You can find additional vehicle keys for emergency services in the next section.

Key Function Console Command
Toggle Engine bind r +reload
Toggle Headlights bind f "impulse 100"
Radio Wheel bind q +menu
Allow Passengers bind c +menu_context
Horn bind ALT +walk

Police & Emergency Services

The following keys relate specifically to emergency services and police officers.

Key Function Console Command
Emergency Lighting bind SHIFT +speed
Toggle Siren bind q +menu
Change Siren bind ALT +walk
Child Lock / With activated sirens, air horn/phaser sirens. bind c +menu_context
Police Computer bind F3 gm_showspare1
Siren Burst bind c +menu_context



Version: 6

Created On: April 30, 2022, 4:04 p.m.

Created By: Tyla Jai

Authors: Tyla Jai, Lucius Husky, Exnem

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