Melee Weapons



There are many different types with varying attributes and abilities. For example you should use the Meat Cleaver if you want to cause the most bleeding, and the Baseball Bat if you want to stun your opponent the most. Other weapons form the middle ground of these.

Every melee weapon has a primary and a secondary attack. The secondary attack does twice as much damage, takes twice as long to attack with.

Attribute Definitions

There are multiple different weapon types:

  • Slash: Causes high bleeding and can damage vehicle tires
  • Club: Causes high stun but low bleeding
  • Throw: Can be thrown

Each melee weapon has different levels of the following attributes:

  • Damage: How much damage and single hit can do
  • Bleeding: How much bleeding a single hit can cause
  • Stun: How long the victim will be stunned for
  • Speed: How fast the weapon can be used

Melee Weapon Attributes

Weapon Type Damage Bleeding Stun Speed
Katana Slash High High Low Slow
Machete Slash Medium High None Fast
Hatchet Slash Medium Medium None Fast
Meat Cleaver Slash Medium Very High None Fast
Knife Slash Low Medium None Very Fast
Hammer Club Medium Low Medium Fast
Baseball Bat Club Low Low High Slow
Empty Bottle Throw Low Low Low Fast

There are also job specific melee weapons such as the Nightstick and the Fire Axe.



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