Mugging Map

Mugging Map

Area Description
Green Areas on the map indicate where you can mug people and they will be completely out of the public view. The Forest is a huge zone where you can basically mug anywhere due to the highway being so far up and no direct eyesight. Private properties are always allowed.
Yellow Areas on the map indicate where you have to be more careful and require extra precautions compared to the Green areas and are there to help people understand that all areas are not equally safe. You are allowed to force people out of the Yellow areas into Green areas.
Red Areas on the map are areas wherein muggings are not permissible under any circumstances due to them being heavily populated, in eyeshot of NPCs, or heavily trafficked.

Players must always be cautious and may only mug other players in a realistic manner. If you suspect you are being mugged in a public place, comply and continue the roleplay, then make a report (F6) when it is convenient and safe to do so. If it is determined that a rule break has occurred, you will be refunded.

Players may not be forced to move out of public places under gunpoint prior to the mugging, this includes but is not limited to being taken in a vehicle to an unwanted location against a player's will, or being forced out of public areas into a property.



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