This page details the aim of organizations, ways to level it, as well as outlining conditions within the game.

To create an organization:

  • Visit the City Hall
  • Speak to a receptionist at the front desk
  • Click the option 'I'd like to register an organization, please.'
  • The fee to create an organization is $5000.
  • To disband an organization, talk to the same NPC.

To join an existing organization:

  • Enquire with a member of an organization in-game
  • You can advertise your interest via /advert


  • Once you receive an invitation, click the message that appears at the top to Accept or Deny the request.

Basic Functionality

To open and manage your organization page, press orgs/KP_F3

You can communicate with your organization privately via /org


You can communicate with your organization through a smartphone via the Teamspeak App


Both of these functions require a Smartphone to use.

Overview - Manage the Bio, view the Founding Member, and the option to leave. org/page1

Settings - Change the name of the organization, the standard outfit/vehicle color and modify the license plate. org/page2

Members - View all current members, their respective ranks and their online activity. org/page3

Ranks Create new ranks and edit their respective permissions. org/page4

Relations Request alliances or rivalries with other organizations. org/page5

Recruitment Recruit prospects to your organization (both parties must be online) org/page6

Experience View your progression and unlocked perks org/page7

Organization XP and Levels

  • Every organization can gain or lose xp (experience).
  • When an organization has gained enough xp they will level up. The required xp for each level is based on member count, so larger groups will have to do more work to level up.
  • Subsequent levels will require more xp each time the target amount is reached.
Actions that Gain xp
Bank robberies
Mugging players
Killing rival members
Creating and selling illegal narcotics
Selling items via Cash register
Actions that Lose xp
Killing players in your own or allied organizations
Stealing vehicles belonging to allied members or organizations
Players leaving your organization
Keeping inactive members (over 3 days inactivity)

Relations between Organizations

Allied Member in-person Rival Member in-person
!orgs/AllyMember orgs/RivalMember
  • Any member with the "Relations" permission is able to request an alliance or rivalry with another organization.
  • The owner of the other organization must approve the alliance/rivalship before application.

Additional information

  • The highest level an organization can reach is 50.
  • The highest member count of an organization 50.
  • The maximum amount of alliances is 6. This will lower by 1 per 5 members to a maximum of 2 alliances. (eg. 20 members means 3 alliances.) Having more than 5 alliances will prevent you from inviting prospects.
  • You will be penalised for having too many friendly relations; to promote competition. Your drug yield will be lower and your XP gain will be lower.
  • Organization leadership can be transferred to another player. This is a $10,000 fee. If the owner is banned from the server, this can be done through adminstrator commands.
Perks (in order) Description
Organization Color Your organization can now choose an organization color that can be used at Jennifer's and the Car Dealer
Shared Organization Permission Members of your organization can now set buddy permissions for the whole organization.
Organization Storage Your organization now has access to Organization Storage
Break In Expert Members of your organization will have an easier time breaking into buildings with bobby pins
Crafting Novice Members of your organization will have an faster time crafting items
Organization Images Your organization can have shared images for use with image entities
Drug Dealer - Ephedrine Stock Text Sending a text message to 42081453 with the message 'ephedrine', will give you the total amount of Ephedrine the drug dealer has
Portable Poker Table Your organization can now have access to a Portable Poker Table
Drug Dealer - Frequent Customer Your organization will receive a text message whenever the drug dealer moves location
Drug Dealer - Location Sending a text message to 42081453 with the message 'location', will give you the location of the Drug Dealer
Crafting Specialist Members of your organization will have a faster time crafting items
Organization License Plates Your organization can now create a custom license plates for members to use
Teamspeak - 3 Channels Your organization can now have a total of three teamspeak channels
Bank Vault Notification Receive a notification when the bank vault is full
Portable Poker Table x2 Your organization can now have access to two Portable Poker Tables
Vehicle - Limousine Your organization can now purchase a Limousine
Crafting Expert Members of your organization will have an faster time crafting items
Teamspeak - 4 Channels Your organization can now have a total of four teamspeak channels
Warrant Check Sending a text message to 42081453 with the message 'warrant', will give your warrant status

Bank accounts and Storage

You can share funds with your organization through the Organization Bank Account. Customize who has access to this account in the Ranks Panel. orgs/Bank

You can share items with your organization via Organization Storage, accessed at any storage point. This is where you will also find the Portable Poker Tables. Customize who has access to this feature in the Ranks Panel. orgs/Storage


It's important that you read up on the rules related to organizations, specifically Rule 5.7; outlined are various restrictions in regards to partaking in activities with rival members. You can advertise your organization through the dedicated in-character section of the forums.