PLPD Online

PLPD.Online is the central hub used by the Paralake Police Department. The purpose of the website is to hold all information and tools that are necessary to complete policing duties and other duties relating to the police department. You will use this website for many reasons, like applying for roles within the department, filing or responding to an Internal Affairs Complaints, contacting your Commanding Officer, and much more.

Logging in

Logging in to an account on PLPD Online is very simple! All you do is press the Login button; doing so will redirect you to the Steam login page. Once you successfully login through Steam, you will be redirected back to PLPD Online, where you will see the dashboard. It's as simple as that!

PLPD 2.0 Login Page


Congratulations! You have entered your PLPD Online account! The first thing you will see is the Dashboard. This is the main page of the PLPD online website. You will most likely use this page the most during your PLPD career! The things you will see on this page are the PLPD Shoutbox, Recent Activity, and Announcements!!


The Shoutbox is a place where all PLPD personnel of any rank could chat with one another! Many personnel ask questions here or just generally chat about PD or anything else. Note: Make sure to follow Police Department policy and follow Community Conduct Rules, as they also apply here on the shoutbox and on the on the site in general.

Recent Activity

Here in the Recent Activity tab, you will see recent promotions given to officers or awards that are given out to outstanding officers within the police department!


This section of the dashboard is frequently very important. The Announcements section holds messages to all officers that come from all divisions in the Police Department to let officers know what is going on at their workplace!

PLPD 2.0 Dashboard


The Careers page will be one of the most important pages in PLPD Online and in your PLPD career. This page shows all the applications you can submit for the Police Department. How it works is that there is a summary that talks about what the application is about, and underneath the summary are the Requirements to apply for the role. If you meet all the requirements, there will be a green button that reads as "Apply". When you click on the button, it will bring you to the application process. From there, you read the questions and answer them. After you answer all the questions, you press submit. Multiple-choice application stages are normally graded automatically, but written applications require human application markers, so be patient please. When you pass or fail a stage in an application or the application itself, it will let you know in the notifications tab on the right of the top navigation bar. Advice: The tools you can use to further help you with applications are found within the Resources page located in the drop-down menu of the Information tab.

There are two Navigation menus in PLPD Online, and they are similar to some extent, but they both have some different features.

Top Navigation

PLPD 2.0 Top Nav

The Top Navigation bar includes many things that you can use for Quality of Life or important notifications. Such include:

  • PLPD Online logo: If pressed, it brings you back to the Dashboard.
  • Conversations: Here it will take you to a place where you can start or reply to conversations with other officers within the department.
  • Notifications: Shows any recent notifications you have, such as passing or failing application stages and IA complaints made on you.
  • My Profile: This brings you to your profile, where you can see your info, including changing pronouns and about me, Records, Observation Reports, your Awards and Medals, and Activity.
  • Switch Theme: Pressing on this changes your theme between light and dark mode.
  • Logout: Logs the user out of their PLPD Online account.

Side Navigation

Side Navigation is the navigation window you will use the most. Here you will be able to do and see the resources you need to work as a PLPD officer and advance your career as a PLPD officer. The tabs include:

  • Dashboard: Brings you back to the Dashboard of PLPD Online.
  • Profile: This brings you to your profile, where you can see your info, including changing pronouns and about me, Records, Observation Reports, your Awards and Medals, and Activity.
  • Announcements: This brings you to the Announcements page, where you can see all announcements from all the divisions within the PLPD.
  • Employees: Here you will be able to see a list with all the employees working as a PLPD Officer. You can find Badge Numbers, Names, Rank, Divisions and Specialist Roles of all your PLPD co-workers.
  • Careers: This is where you will start to apply for Ranks or Specialist Roles in the PLPD. You will be able to find all the applications that divisions make for officers to expand their PLPD careers.
  • Information: Here you will find Useful Contacts of higher-ups in the PLPD and also resources to help you in policing duties, such as the Officer Handbook and other resources that further help you learn about the divisions and Specialist Roles in the PLPD.
  • Internal Affairs: Here you will find the page where you will be able to see your statements, Complaints made on you and Complaints you have made on other officers, plus the status and outcomes of complaints.
  • Helpdesk: Here you will be able to see and create Helpdesk tickets for any questions or feedback regarding applications and much more.

PLPD 2.0 Side Nav



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