Staff Structure

The staff team is made up of volunteers who give up some of their time to ensure that the community is able to function. They have a range of responsibilities that range from server development to rule enforcement. The roles, responsibilities and powers of each rank are outlined in this document.

Staff Complaints

All staff members are subject to staff complaints for misusing their powers.

All staff members ranked higher than Helper are subject to staff complaints for breaking server rules. Any player is able to report a Helper for breaking the rules in the same way that they would report other players.

Core Development Team

Members of the Core Development team focus on server development, and do not take part in the day-to-day administration of the server.


The Owners are the founding members of the community who have been around since the start. They have the final say in all issues with the server, but primarily focus on server development.

Developer / Modeller

Developers primary focus is creating new content and functionality for the server. This varies between developers, but includes things such as creating new models, writing new server code and maintaining websites.

They have no administrative responsibilities, but can provide technical assistance in catching cheaters and ban evaders. As they are all experienced staff members, they will sometimes also perform basic administrative tasks such as deleting anything that violates the basic conduct rules.

Senior Administration Team

The Senior Administration Team is responsible for leading the entire staff team and deciding the direction of community and requesting server developments. They are responsible for staff discipline and recruitment.

Often members of the Senior Administration Team also assist in some actual development.

Head Administrator

The Head Administrator is in charge of the entire staff team, and has the final decision on all player and staff administration matters.

Senior Administrator

The role of a Senior Administrator is to assist the Head Administrator in their duties. Senior Administrators are recruited from the Administrators.

Community Manager

The role of the Community Manager is to help steer server development, ensure there is a constant community roadmap in place, and that players voices are being heard when it comes to relevant community decisions and plans.

General Administration Team

Members of the General Administration Team make up the largest portion of the staff team, and handle the majority of the day to day administration of the server and forums.

All of these staff members have some level forum moderation permissions.


The role of an Administrator is a highly experienced member of the staff team, who have access to additional administrative functions, and is responsible for some of the tasks of managing the staff team.

Administrators attend regular meetings where they decide on rule changes and staff applications.

Administrators are also responsible for handling staff complaints against low ranking staff members. They are also responsible for handling refund requests.

Senior Moderator

The role of a Senior Moderator is a Moderator who has a large amount of experience and has access to additional administrative functions.

In addition to the powers of a Moderator, Senior Moderators are able to fully repair vehicles, use disguise, approve images and approve license plates.


The role of an Moderator is to make sure that players on the server are following the rules, and provide assistance to players who are encountering difficulties. They are promoted from Enforcer once they demonstrate that they are capable of managing all administrative situations.

In addition to the powers of an Enforcer, Moderators are able to revive players, and ban players from the server for any length they deem suitable. Moderators also are able to see full server logs.

Moderators are staff members, and are subject to staff complaints for breaking rules or misusing their powers.


The role of an Enforcer is to make sure that players on the server are following the rules, and provide assistance to players who are encountering difficulties.

You can apply to become an enforcer on the forums here.

Powers and Limitations

Alongside basic administrative functions such as renaming players, Enforcers are able to handle reports and give formal warnings to players, they are also able to issue job blacklists. Enforcers all receive full forum moderation permissions. Enforcers also are able to see almost all server logs.

Community Team

Members of the Community Team focus on helping the general player-base rather than dealing with administrative situations, the Community Team is at the forefront of player relations, and work hard to ensure that the general player base is heard, and any complaints or issues they may have are addressed and resolved when possible. The community team is lead by the community managers.


The role of a Helper is to assist players in their basic queries and issues that does not require intervention from an administrator. You can apply to become a helper by applying on the forums here.

Powers and Limitations

On the forums, helpers are able to moderate the shoutbox and delete posts. They should only be moderating spam posts and posts that violate basic conduct rules.

On the server, Helpers are able to verbally warn or physgun players for minor rule infringements, such as running on the highway, prop trolling and driving/vehicle rules. They also are able to delete messages from chat that violate the basic conduct rules. If they see people breaking major rules, they have to create a report.

Helpers are not able to issue punishments on the forums or on the server.

Helpers are staff members, and are subject to staff complaints for misusing the powers they are given as staff members (e.g misuse of their physgun for forum/chat administration powers). This also includes for breaking rules, which must be dealt with by a staff complaint. Breaking rules as a Helper can lead to a helper being removed from the rank.

Non-Staff Roles


Players that hold the Honorary rank are not staff members. The rank is earned by players who have made significant contributions to the community, either through development or administration work. They do not have any extra privileges, except for free premium.