Using SCAMBans

SCAMBans is a part of PERPHeads administration panel, it's primary function to most users is to display bans and warnings although it holds more tools for staff members and is a big part of administrating the server. You can find SCAMBans at

SCAMBans navigation is very simple and self explanatory, from the front page you can navigate to either the bans or warnings display page, you can log-in to the site, you can change your theme of the site and you can search for punishments on the page you are on. Logging into the site as a normal user won't make any drastic changes to the site however you will recieve access to the account area which allows you to view your own Bans or Warnings and log out, this is simply done by going to the Account tab and clicking on "Your Bans/Warnings"

Viewing Punishments

There are 2 ways you can see an issued punishment on SCAMBans, the normal view and the detailed view. Both the bans and warnings page display punishments in a normal view showing only; the date, the player, the staff member and the length (If it's a ban). You can then click on the punishment to open up the detailed view, this then displays all information such as; the players name (contains a link to their steam account and their forum account), the reason for the punishment, their Steam ID, the issuing staff member and the expiry date/time (If it's a ban).

SCAMBans Homepage

Searching For Users

SCAMBans has a search function on the site that allows you to easily search for any user with a registered punishment under their name or Steam ID.

There are 3 main ways to search for a user on SCAMBans: 1. Using their full name 2. Using a part of their name 3. Using their Steam ID

These three methods allow for the ability to find pretty much anyone as long as they have got a registered punishment on the system. Using someones Steam ID is probably the most reliable method as it will always bring back their results and only theirs however if you're looking for someone but don't have their full name or any other identification on them you can easily use a part of their name and all names containing that part will be shown.

SCAM Search



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