Vehicle Guide

Updated Map

Here you will find an updated map for locations for Paralake V6

Locating Car Dealership.

Firstly you’ll need to find your way to the car dealer, do this by following the map down below.

The colors mean the colors down in the map below, follow the direction of the arrows. Spawn at city hall → Walk to city garage → Get in the Monorail → Go over the monorail track (using the monorail) → Get out of the monorail → Walk to the car dealer → Arrive at your location
In case you can’t find the building, this is what it looks like from the outside.

Buying a Vehicle.

Once you find the building, go inside, there will be 2 staircases attached to each other that are leading up to the second floor. Go up these stairs and make your way over to the 2 NPCs. One NPC is for V.I.P (Premium) the other one is for non V.I.P
Now click “E” on the NPC that you want to buy a car from, most likely the right one, and make your selection. There are multiple categories and most categories have multiple cars as well.
Once you have found the car you would like to buy you can press the “Purchase Vehicle” button, as long as you have the correct amount of money available.
You can also test drive the car, or preview the customizations before purchasing the car by selecting one of these buttons. If you do decide to test drive the vehicle, make sure to bring it back in 1 piece before the timer is over. (2 min)

Vehicle Customizing.

Once you have successfully purchased your vehicle of choice, you can customize your vehicle at this NPC. It is underneath the stairs you walked up to purchase the car.
Once you click “E” on this NPC you will open this menu, at the bottom right you are able to select colors, materials and wraps. The first color change is free, after the free use it will cost 10k. (changing the material and wrap is not free, not the first time either)

Repairing / Upgrading your vehicle.

It is also possible to upgrade your car, or to add certain body kits if the car has those available, car upgrades give your car a higher max speed, and faster acceleration. The body kits are only for looks, and don’t add any additional stats to your car. This is the building you upgrade your car, or repair tyre and hull damage. The building can be found on the opposite side of the road from the car dealer.
To repair your engine damage you’ll need to or, go to the roadcrew station and pay an expensive fee, or buy wrenches at uncle cos in the city, or call/contact a Roadcrew worker to meet up somewhere and he will fix your car for you for a cheap price.

You can find the roadcrew station here:
This is what the roadcrew station looks like, there are 2 NPCs inside. The left one is used for repairing, the right one is used for the RC job. To repair your car here, you will have to park your car inside the building next to the left NPC. Then click “E” on the NPC while you are not in your car. You will open a menu in which you can repair your car, and you will see the price for doing so.

This is where you buy wrenches, this place is located in the middle of the city and it’s called Uncle Cos. After buying wrenches you can repair your car with them. Do this by holding your inventory open (Q) while looking at your car, and then left clicking the wrenches in your car.

Washing your Vehicle.

Your car will get dirty when you use it alot, and especially when you enter the forest quite often, so to make sure it stays clean and fresh you have to go to the car wash. This place is located next to the car dealer on the left side.
Make sure you park your car next to the NPC, turn your engine off. And then click “E” on the NPC while you are not in the car, you will see the option to wash it for a very low price. This price gets more expensive if you decide to wrap your car and for example use a gold material for the metals on your car.

Refueling your Vehicle.

You can refuel your car at any gas station located around the map, and it works pretty much the same as washing your car. Park next to a pump, turn your engine off. And click “E” on the pump while you are not in the car.

This map shows the locations of all gas stations on the map

Full Credits go to Lucius Husky for the creation of this guide.



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