Action Requests

What is an AR? You're probably wondering what an 'AR' means. It's simply a shorter term for 'Action Request'. You'll find out very quickly that this is another way of reporting a player if for example; They're no longer on the server but still feel like they should be punished, or if an incident happens in-game and there are no staff members online.

How to make an AR: The first thing to do when making an AR is that you have the right and appropriate evidence towards the player that you're reporting. Ways of doing this are; Demos, Shadowplay,, Gyazo etc. Next you should be on this page: Ars2.

This will show you the format that you have to follow and how to create a perfect AR. Failure to follow the templates will automatically make the AR void, therefore staff will tell you to follow the template. Now after you've done all of the above, you will want to click on this button: ars3.

Bare in mind that you must follow the Forum Rule 2.9, thread titles must be appropriate so a title saying 'AR on X' is acceptable. Then copy and paste the template and fill the sheet out accordingly. After posting your AR, do not message staff members to deal with your AR as it annoys them a lot as they have other things to do.



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