Reporting a player

What is an AR?

This community uses the term 'AR' for player reports. 'AR' is an abbreviation, a shorter term for 'Action Request'. This is one of two primary ways of reporting a player if for example; They're no longer on the server, or if an incident happens in-game and there are no staff members on the server.

How to make an AR

The first thing to do when making an AR is that you have the right and appropriate evidence towards the player that you're reporting. Ways of doing this are; Demos, Shadowplay,, Gyazo and even Youtube videos.

Next step, you should be on this page You can get here by navigating to the front page of the forums, going to Action Requests by scrolling down, then clicking 'Create Action Request' This will take you to submit a form, which will automatically use our template, with little to no hassle.



Other notes

Bear in mind that you must follow the Forum Rule 2.8 if you are editing the name of your Action Request. Thread titles must be appropriate, so a title saying 'AR on X' is acceptable.

After posting your AR, messaging staff about it will not make the process faster. When replying to an Action Request that you've posted, please follow the basic conduct rules of our forums to the best of your abilities.

Our server rules -

To find yours and others' SteamID -

Action Requests Information -



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