Server Reports

What is a server report?

A server report is a function in-game where you're able to report other players for breaking the rules. It is important that inside the report that you have written, it explains everything that happened in detail. Writing your report in detail will give the Staff Member who is dealing with your report a better image of what's happened. Simply saying 'RDM' in a report will result in it being closed immediately. You should only be using the report function for reporting players. Only use the report function for rule breaks or rule questions.

What is a help and support request?

A help and support request allows you to communicate directly with helpers and staff members regarding any sort of gamemode or general server questions. Do not use this help and support function for rule breaks or if you need a staff member.

To report a player, you can either press F6 or /report in chat which brings up the report overlay wich looks like this: Report page

After entering this page, you can see in the top right hand corner there is a button that looks like this: Report Create

After clicking on the 'Create' button, it should then open up another page like so: Report Create

Choose an option whether it is a report (for rule breaks) or help and support (for any sort of gamemode or general server questions): Report Option

Then, after you're done filling in your report, it should look something like this:Report page

Next, a Staff member will reply to your report. It will make a noise to let you know that your report has been replied to. It will usually say something along these lines:

Report reply

In case you missed the beep from the reply, it also notices you in the bottom left hand corner that your report has been replied to. It will look like this: Report alert

Then after your report has been dealt with and has come to a conclusion, the Staff member will close the report. It will give you a notification in the bottom left of your screen: Report close

If you don't want your report open anymore, you have the option to close the report yourself. Therefore you don't need for wait for a staff member to close it for you. There will be a button called 'Solve' in the top right hand corner of your report: Report Solve After clicking 'Solve', it means that nobody can reply to the report anymore.



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