Bank Robbery

Initiating the Robbery

To initiate the process of starting a bank robbery, you will need to find the drug dealer. The drug dealer changes location dynamically several times per day. You will need to ask other players for his location, or alternatively you can automatically receive a text with his location every time he moves if you consistently sell enough drugs to him, see drugs guide here. When you find the drug dealer, you need to select the bank robbery option, as seen below.


After asking about the robbery, you will receive a text message from the heist coordinator explaining you need a crew of 2 or more people. The height coordinator will then ask you to send $5,000 to a bank account. The person who sends the money will become the heist leader, and will be refunded the money if they successfully launder money.

After sending the $5,000 you will receive a code to send to your crew. Your crew members will need to send that code to the heist coordinators phone number in order to participate.


  • Make sure that your crew are texting the heist coordinator and not the drug dealer, as they have different phone numbers
  • Up to 8 crew members may join the crew, but more crew members will mean less money
  • You may not be able to rob the bank if it is empty or if there aren't enough police officers

Collecting the Drill

Once you have enough members in your crew, the heist coordinator will text you their location. Go to that location and speak to the heist coordinator to collect the drill.



  • Make sure that all crew members have joined before collecting the drill, as they won't be able to join later
  • If an observant police officer notices you speaking to the heist coordinator and you may lose the element of surprise
  • If you take too long between stages, the heist coordinator will call it off

Starting the Bank Robbery

After everyone participating has sent in the code and you have picked up the drill, you will want to head into the bank vault and once everyone is inside the vault you look at the center of the vault door and left click the drill in your inventory. Then you will have a small animation of you placing the drill and everyone inside the vault will receive a notification stating you are now part of the bank robbery. If the drill jams it will turn red or starts beeping, someone needs to go and interact with it (E by Default) to unjam it. After the robbery has been started, you can roam around the city but make sure to not go too far. You will receive 5 warnings before you are kicked out of the robbery and have to leave the area.


  • Make sure there are enough people inside the bank to defend someone if they have to unjam the drill
  • If the police reach the drill, they are able to remove it and you will no longer be able to steal any money
  • Once the alarm at the bank has gone off, all of the crew will be warranted

Delivering the Money to the Drug Dealer

After the drilling process is completed, the bank vault will open. You will need to head inside the vault and start collecting the money from the table. You can do this by pressing the interact key (E by Default) whilst looking at the money. Once you have collected the money you should escape the area and wait for a text message from the heist coordinator giving you their location.


Go to the heist coordinators new location and talk to them to hand over the stolen money. You will then need to close the dialogue and hide for ten minutes whilst the stolen money is processed. After approximately ten minutes of hiding you will receive a message detailing how much you have made. The money will be sent to your bank account and the robbery will be completed.


  • Stolen money can't be transferred between players, so make sure that anyone who has stole money stays alive and is not captured by the police
  • Anyone who dies before the money of laundered won't receive any money
  • Considerably more money is available to be stolen if there are more police on duty
  • The laundered money is split evenly between the surviving crew, so a smaller crew will receive more money



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