Drug Dealer

The Drug Dealer is an important non-player character (NPC) for criminal roleplay on the server, as their primary purpose is to facilitate the production and distribution of drugs.


As stated, the main function of the Drug Dealer is to sell ingredients used in the production of narcotics, then buy back the pure drugs themselves.

To sell... you get To buy... you pay
Marijuana $150 Cannabis Seeds $400
Cocaine $150 Coca Plant Seeds $600
Mushrooms $200 Mushrooms $200
Crystal Meth $250 Ephedrine $1000

In addition, the Dealer can facilitate bank robberies and sells a cook book to provide insight into the production of methamphetamine.


Every 2 hours, the Drug Dealer will move to one of nine locations across the map. Their exact location must be determined through in-character means, such as asking others through local chat and scouting the possible locations from the map below.

If you are in an organization with the Level 15 perk 'Drug Dealer - Frequent Customer', or if you have sold at least $150,000 worth in drugs to the Drug Dealer over the past week, you will receive text messages when they move location.

The following are descriptions of how to find each location in more detail. Each location is marked in-game by distinctive golden 'PH' graffiti.

Beware: All nine locations and their surroundings are hot spots for muggings and robberies. Refer to the mugging map for more information.


City Subway

This location is inside the pedestrian tunnel under the Intersection between the Police Department and the Hospital. It can be accessed from either side, simply head towards the overpass as usual, then turn right and walk down the stairs. The Drug Dealer stands inside this tunnel, next to the bathrooms.

Hungries Schwein

Accessible via the rear of Hospital or by walking past the Road Crew Station, this spot sits next to the restaurant property Hungries Schwein under the City Highway Bend. Follow the steps down to the parking lot, then continue under the highway towards the trash dumpsters and metal sheet at the back. The Drug Dealer is out of public view, against this wall.

XQ Bank

Proceed down a small alleyway on the right of the Bank, between it and the Main Garage. The Drug Dealer will be around the corner at the end of this alley.

City Office

This location is not at the City Office itself, but at one of the unoccupied buildings opposite it. Look for the peach and gray colored building with an alley just after the parking lot; the Drug Dealer will be inside a nook on the right.


Suburbs Storage

Like the 'City Office' location, this spot is not actually at Suburbs Storage, but in an alleyway behind it. To access it, walk past Suburbs Storage towards the Jennifer's Clothing Store on Kalashnikov Street, then take a left towards the Suburbs Park, and another left into the alleyway between the two. The Drug Dealer stands at the end of this alley.

Behind Suburbs Monorail

Go to the Suburbs Monorail Station, this can be done via taking the train from the Main Garage or in a car. Walk behind the station building, past the low concrete wall, where the Forest starts. The Drug Dealer will be around the corner by a formation of rocks.

Forest under the Highway

Situated far inside the Forest, this location requires you proceed towards the Farm on Cornfield Road. Just before you are in line with the main farm building, take a left through the trees towards the highway. The Drug Dealer is standing under the highway overhang in a corner.


Behind Car Dealer

This location is in an alleyway behind the Car Dealer, accessible from the Business Woods behind the Puffer Mart. Walk into this wooded area either from the Bazaar parking lots or from the Casino. Follow the path towards the fenced-off alley inside the woods. Drug Dealer is at the end of this alley.


Head down Harbour Lane towards the Projex Apartments. At the Yogurto's Pub (red building), walk straight down the stairs to the Docks. Turn left, the Drug Dealer is at the very end of the dock.