On Perpheads there are is a range of drugs which you can choose to produce, some more profitable or dangerous than others, these drugs include:

Marijuana Cocaine Magic Mushrooms Crystal Meth

Marijuana & Coca Plants

Marijuana can be produced using either a Basic Planter or a Planter Box, and Seeds.

Basic Planters only requires seeds - This method is less efficient and provides less profit.

Planter Boxes require a Water Tank, Gardening Pots, and Seeds - This method doesn't require you to purchase water bottles as the water tanks are refillable from a water source, such as the lake located at Hicktown, also known as Paralake, or the pond in the park behind the bank.

Planter Boxes can contain the growth of 6 seeds per planter, however Basic Planters only contain 5 seeds and can take longer to grow.

Both Coca seeds and Cannabis seeds are purchasable from the Drug Dealer and their end form (Marijuana and Cocaine) can be sold for $150 each.

In conclusion, the process of gathering the materials required to begin the process is cheaper and easier for the Basic Planter method, however the Planter Box method is more profitable and efficient, and is generally better to use.

It's worth noting that Marijuana takes roughly 19 minutes to produce using a Planter Box depending on water concentration, where as Coca plants take approximately double the time (36 minutes), but produce almost double the amount.

Both Coca plant and Marijuana plants water concentration is best at low. However, if you need your drugs to finish quickly you can put the water on Medium or High to make them finish faster. Keep in mind that this will cause your total yield to go down slightly but your plants won't die.

Planter box:

Basic planter:

Cocaine - Drying out Coca Plant Leaves

When the Cocaine seeds have grown, you will harvest Coca Plant Leaves. In order to produce pure cocaine, you must dry out these leaves.

For this process there are multiple methods however i will post the best method in this guide, a Chemical Table will be required. The materials needed to craft one of these will be listed in the F1 - Crafting Menu under Furniture. You will also need to craft 2 Pyrex Dishes. Other materials you will need to purchase for this process include, cookers, Newspaper, and Lye.

First of all, you'll need a property to place the Chemical table in, when equipping the table in a property, outlines will appear where the table can be placed, walk over to these designated places and left click once the outline turns green.

Secondly, you'll need to add your components to the table, add the Cookers, Pyrex Dishes by left clicking on them while looking at the table.

Newspaper should then be added by entering the table's menu by pressing E and pressing "Add ingredients"

Once this has all been set up, the coca plant leaves can be added, the process is faster if the fuel is used (adjusted by the Power slider) however they will dry without too. Once the leaves have dried up to 50% you must add an ingredient, there are a range to choose from but some examples are Lye, Muriatic acid, Iodine and Acetone. Lye is what i prefer to use and also what i recommend others to use.

To speed up the process you could add propane tanks at the bottom of the chemical table, however this makes the process more expensive so i recommend not doing it.

Once the ingredient has been added, the Leaves will continue to dry, when finished, the menu will say "Collect Contents" upon clicking you will receive Cocaine which you can then sell to the Drug Dealer.

You can use the two slots on the chemical table to dry your cocaine, so the total ingredients would be six coca plant leaves, two news paper and two lye.

Seeding Coca & Cannabis

Buying seeds constantly can add up to be quite expensive, to combat losing a lot of your earnings you can choose to grow more seeds.

To do this, you must grow the Marijuana or Coca plants as usual, however instead of picking them when Ready, you must ensure they have enough water to continue growing past this where they will go through the flowering stage, then finally the seeding phase where you will harvest your seeds, you may swap the water tanks for others which have more contents, however make sure not to leave your plant without water for too long or they will die.

You may also use the Pause Growing function to stop your plants dying while switching water tanks or to stop them from going onto the flowering and seeding phase if you just want to grow Marijuana to sell. Remember to press "Resume growing" when you have planted a new batch.


To begin the process of growing Magic Mushrooms, you mush first buy some from the Drug Dealer. Unlike any of the other drugs, this is the only material you will need. The process of growing mushrooms is pretty simple, once you have a mushroom, you need to find a suitable growing area, it is quite obvious where you can grow mushrooms, grassy or muddy areas for example.

Mushrooms simply multiply when planted so once planted, you simply have to wait for other mushrooms to grow around the one you planted, when they are fully grown you can pick them and sell them back to the Drug Dealer or replant them to increase the amount of mushrooms growing at once.

Mushrooms also grow randomly around the Forest.

A more in-depth guide for Crystal meth will be made in the "others" tab.



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