On Perpheads there are is a range of drugs which you can choose to produce, some more profitable or dangerous than others, these drugs include: Marijuana, Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms and Crystal Meth

This guide does not include guidance on how to produce Crystal Meth, to see a guide on that press here.

Growing Drugs

There are a range of drugs that need to be grown during their production.

Drug Where to Grow It What is Needed to Plant It Ready (Basic) Ready (Planter Boxes) Flowering (Basic) Flowering (Planter Boxes) Seeding (Basic) Seeding (Planter Boxes)
Marijuana In Planters Cannabis seeds, guide 19.0 Minutes 18.0 Minutes 23.0 Minutes 22.0 Minutes 26.5 Minutes 25.0 Minutes
Coca Leaves In Planters Coca Plant Seeds, guide 38.0 Minutes 36.0 Minutes 45.5 Minutes 43.5 Minutes 53.5 Minutes 51.0 Minutes
Magic Mushrooms On soil (Forest/Park behind Bank) Magic Mushrooms, find or guide 10 Minutes(Not in Planters) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

To grow Marijuana and Coca Leaves, you require Planters as stated above, you should have 2 Basic Planters in your storage when you first join the server. If you do not have them, or you want Planter Boxes, to obtain these you either need to craft them through the F1->Mixtures Menu or ask someone to sell you them.

What does each stage mean?

The different stages in a drug's growth can be rather confusing, use this table to understand each one better.

Stage How it affects yield
Ready If you harvest your drugs when they are 'ready' you will only receive the pure product, no seeds, this is either Marijuana or Coca Leaves. This is the most profitable way of growing drugs
Flowering If you harvest your drugs when they are 'flowering' you will receive the less of the pure product as you would when it is 'ready', but you will also receive a small amount of leaves. Harvesting at this stage should be avoided because it gives less drugs than any of the others.
Seeding If you harvest your drugs when they are 'seeding' you will only receive seeds, this can be incredibly useful to avoid having to purchase seeds every time you want to grow drugs.

What are the differences between the different planters?

Planter Image Planter Name Traits
Basic Planter Basic Planter This planter can hold 5 seeds. It does not require water or pots. It takes slightly longer to grow drugs in this one, but the effort to use them is lower.
Planter Box Planter Box This planter can hold 6 seeds. It requires water tanks and for you to manually place 6 pots in it, these pots can be stolen. When you first make them, you also need to make a radiator and a light pole and add them to it. You can amend the speed of growth by dragging the water level slider underneath each pot icon on the menu, but increasing the speed greatly reduces yield, as a general rule of thumb always grow them on low water (The timings in the table above are all on low water level).

Cocaine - Drying out Coca Plant Leaves

Once you have harvested your Coca Plant Leaves, before you can sell it as pure cocaine, you will need to dry them out.

To do this there are a few things that you will need, see them in this table below.

Image Ingredient Where to Buy Quantity Needed
Chemical Table Chemical Table Another player or crafted through F1->Mixtures 1
Cookers Cookers Uncle Co's or Delivery app on phone 2
Pyrex Dishes Pyrex Dishes Another player or crafted through F1->Mixtures 2
Newspaper Newspaper Gas Stations or Delivery app on phone 1 per 3 Coca Plant Leaves
Lye Lye Roadcrew Station or Delivery app on phone 1 per 3 Coca Plant Leaves
Propane Tanks Propane Tanks Uncle Co's or Delivery app on phone Approx. 1 per 66 leaves if you are incredibly efficient

Firstly you will need to own a property, which is not a Bazaar/Business Shop, so you can place down your Chemical Table. To place the Chemical Table, equip it by clicking in your inventory and then searching for a slot by walking around, once the slot is highlighted in green you need to left click.

Once you have placed the Chemical Table, click on the cookers in your inventory while looking at the Chemical Table until they have disappeared and they are on the Table. Do the same with the Pyrex Dishes.

Now retrieve 6 Coca Plant Leaves, 2 Newspaper and 2 Lye from your Storage, press E on the Chemical Table and then press the 'add ingredient' button next to the image of the Pyrex Dish. Once the 'add ingredients' menu is on your screen, left click the newspaper and re-open the menu and add the Coca Plant Leaves. Do this for both Pyrex Dishes. Then you will need to wait until your progress reaches 50% to move on. Once the progress is on 50% (this is shown underneath the 'add ingredients' button) you need to add your Lye, the same way you added the Newspaper.

Then wait a little while longer until the progress prompts you to 'Collect Contents', press that button, and then your processed cocaine is ready to be sold!

This process can take a while, to speed it up you can add propane, which is more expensive but quicker. Once you've bought the Propane Tanks, you can add them to the Chemical Table the same way you added the Cookers, then drag the slider at the bottom of the Chemical Table's menu to increase the amount of propane and thus increase the speed.



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