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Firearms is a stat in PERP which is linked to crafting weapons, attachments, ammo, etc. You need different Firearms levels to craft different weapons - for example, you require Firearms level 87 to craft a Colt M4A1.

Firearms can possibly be the most daunting stat, due to the excessive amount of information and weapons involved with this. However, once you've got your head around it and you're past a certain point, it's smooth sailing.

Necessary details and useful information To begin crafting & levelling your Firearms, the correct genetics for the item you would like to craft are required - a guide for which can be found on the starter guide here. The ideal genetics can also be found here to be able to craft most items within the game.

This spreadsheet (thanks to Qyndyrx for the foundation) details all of the weapons in the game, and their respective craft price and required levels.

TinyCalc (thanks to TinySlayer) is a great option for a crafting calculator.

Beginning to craft

To begin crafting you will need a workbench; if not already aware, a workbench can be purchased at the right-hand NPC within Uncle Co’s and is a prerequisite to craft most items. It can be placed in properties you have access to by equipping it through the Q menu and placing it in an available slot. Items which require a workbench to be crafted will be placed within the workbench upon finishing the craft. The first thing that you are able to craft will be a baseball bat. You can craft this by pressing F4, going to the Mixtures tab, then going to the Melee tab, then finding the baseball bat. You will need Intelligence 1 to craft baseball bats, and 2 Chunks of Plastic and 1 Hunk of Polymer per baseball bat crafted, as shown in the picture below.
Each crafted weapon/item which requires a Firearms level to craft rewards Firearms experience. From this stage, your best course of action will be to continue crafting multiple baseball bats until you reach Firearms level 3. At this stage, you gain access to crafting Pistol Ammo, giving you many more options.

Best methods to level up your firearms

Three methods will be listed: the most cost-efficient method, a solid middle ground, and the fastest experience method. All of these will be listed up to Firearms level 66, at which you gain access to Sniper Ammo, which remains the best method for levelling Firearms for all purposes past that point. Cost-efficient:
Pistol Ammo - Firearms level 3 -> Firearms level 36 Rifle Ammo - Firearms level 36 -> Firearms level 66 Sniper Ammo - Firearms level 66 -> Firearms level 125

This will inherently be the most cost-efficient method as all items listed are consistently in very high demand and are constantly being expended, so a large supply oftentimes does not decrease the demand for them. They are also relatively easy to craft and store in bulk. Choose this method if you’re not in any major rush to hit Firearms level 125 and do not need immediate self-sufficiency.

Middle ground (recommended): Pistol ammo - Firearms level 3 -> Firearms level 29 From this stage, craft popular weaponry such as the HK45 CT, Beretta M9, and others as you begin to unlock them, such as the Desert Eagle & the MP5K. Try to take orders from people so sales can be guaranteed, however selling them at Bazaar usually works. Do this until Firearms level 66. Sniper Ammo - Firearms level 66 -> Firearms level 125

This is a good route if you want to get to high Firearms levels with some amount of haste & still get some money out of it. It’s a solid plan for any player relatively new to the server who wants to progress quickly on multiple fronts.

Fastest possible:
Pistol ammo - Firearms level 3 -> Firearms level 15 Work your way down the spreadsheet linked above in the necessary details and useful information section, crafting the weapons with the highest Firearms requirement possible for you. Do this until Firearms level 66. Sniper Ammo - Firearms level 66 -> Firearms level 125

This yields the quickest experience however oftentimes a lot of the guns found can be relatively hard to sell so you’ll end up getting stuck with a lot of guns. However, this allows for a decent opportunity for experimentation & you might find a new favourite weapon.

Recourses / Credits

Starter Guide - Click HERE or go to

Firearms Spreadsheet - Click HERE or go to

TinyCalc - Click HERE or go to

Full Credits go to Sorle for the creation of this guide.



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