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about #

The aim of this website is to provide a detailed starter guide for all new players to the PERPHeads community. I aim to give a visually pleasing and complete guide to the gamemode and how to get started!

To make it easier to navigate, this site will be divided into sections which will give lots of detail about the topic of said section. To jump straight to a section, click one of the links to the right of the page.

The reason I have made this as a website instead of a forum post is I want to make it my own, change it how I like and make it with user experience in mind. This site was designed to be fully responsive and accessible on any device.

Anyway, let's get started!

SECTION 1 - introduction #

So you've just spawned in? You've picked your character and you're ready to begin your adventure in Paralake! There's a few places you'll need to go before you start trying to make all that money, which don't worry, will come soon! Quick note: Press F1 on your keyboard to view the interaction menu, here you can view rules, skills and other juicy info.

Here's a map of Paralake, I'll explain where to go below.

You'll firstly want to make your way to either of the yellow dots, quick tip: holding ALT will let you sprint. The yellow dot straight ahead down 'Shady Street' is closest. These are gas stations in which you can buy a cellphone, water and a flashlight. These are 3 good items to have, water is optional but it increases your health and is definitely recommended. I personally always carry a flashlight and it goes without saying that you will need a phone. When you spawn in you should have enough money to purchase these items, if for some reason you do not then you can go to either of the ATMs marked in green on the map and withdraw whatever money you need.

To check how much money you have on you, hold Q which will open your inventory, which should currently contain nothing. You shouldn't carry lots of money around with you at most given times as you could be mugged and lose it all.

At most given times; or when there isn't a mayor, a cellphone will cost you $625 (25% tax) however this price varies depending on taxes, which we'll go into later. You can also buy a water bottle for $187.5 and a flashlight for $1,000, once again, this is prone to change along with taxes.

You next want to make your way to the orange dot, that is a Fredy's bakery and is only a short walk from City Hall (spawn). In here you can buy Burgers which are the best valued and probably best source of food. At any given time you can carry 15 food/water, so you'll want to moderate. I would recommend 10-12 burgers then 3-5 water.

When you've stocked up on food, bought a smartphone and possibly a flashlight, you can press Z to open up your phone and do all kinds of cool things. If you hold Q again, you will see your food and phone (and water if you bought any) in your inventory. To consume food or water, click on it while holding Q.

You're now ready to move on!

SECTION 2 - statistics #

The next important thing, your statistics. If you hold Q and look to the left of the menu, you will see your player information and skills. I wouldn't expect any of your levels to be anything above 1 at this point but we'll go into them now.

player information #

The player information is as follows:

  • Health - This changes when you take damage, it regenerates on its own (affected by the regeneration gene) or you can use a STIM pack to heal yourself, but you won't have those just yet.
  • Armour - This can only change if you go on a government job such as Police or Secret Service.
  • Hunger - This will decrease as time goes by, to get it back up, eat food. When your hunger hits "extremely hungry" your vision will become blurry.
  • Stamina - This decreases as you run around, it affects your regeneration and means you cannot run as fast, or at all. To get this back up, drink water.

skills #

Your skills level up as you play, they've pretty self-explanatory, for example; your stamina skill will level up from running around a lot. The only skills that I imagine will raise confusion are the firearms and woodworking skills that level up from crafting, which we'll go into later.

genetics #

Genetics are the last thing we'll go over in this section. To level up your genetics, go left from "City Hall" (Spawn), go over the bridge or under the tunnel, NOT THROUGH THE ROAD! and to your left will be the hospital. Inside the hospital, talk to the first NPC you see with E and ask about genetics. You will have some points to start off with but once you've used them up, you will have to buy more which can be expensive.

The genes you can level are as follows:

  • Regeneration - This is a good skill, it affects how fast you get back health when taking damage.
  • Perception - This is good for crafting, I wouldn't bother with it straight away.
  • Influence - Useless. Don't bother.
  • Intelligence - Needed for crafting. I would at least spend 1 of your points on this.
  • Strength - This affects your unarmed combat; e.g. punching, crafting, amount of weight you can carry and how much damage you take. I would invest a point in this.
  • Honestly not that useful, unless you want car bombs!

Here is an ideal setup:

  • Regeneration 2
  • Perception 4
  • Influence 0
  • Intelligence 4
  • Strength 3
  • Dexterity 2

SECTION 3 - detailed map #

This is a very short one, it just features a detailed map of the city.

credit to @rogue

SECTION 4 - making money #

Now the moment you have probably been waiting for.. but quickly; to check your money in the bank, open your phone and go to banking. Anyway - here's how to get that paper!

There are lots of ways to make money legally that can get you lots of money. I can think of two that shine above anything else, City Jobs and selling weapons you've crafted (which isn't relevent currently). Another perfectly viable source of income is fishing at hicktown but I won't go over that here as there are lots of great guides for that which I will link below.

jobs #

These are the current legal jobs. Take a look through all of them! Take a look at this map to see where all the job NPC's are located.


In this job you are paid to extinguish fires around the city. These fires can be caused by anything between a car blowing up to a firework being lit!


This is a very well paying job, in this job you are on call in ambulance with which respond to calls, revive people, dispose of bodies and heal people. You get paid every time you dispose of a body or revive someone.

Secret Service*

In this job your only task is to protect the Mayor. You are issued different guns to choose between; a colt 1911; a glock 18c or a HK USP. I personally use the glock 18c as if you press E + Right click it has an automatic fire mode!

Road Crew*

In this job you are tasked with road maintenance. You tow, repair and impound cars. Roadcrew can be called with 565 on the phone


In this job you deliver parcels to different shop owners and properties for money.

Taxi Driver

In this job you drive around the city and offer rides to certain locations, for the right amount of course! This job is premium only and you will have to own a Ford Crown Victoria to qualify for the position.

Police Officer

This is a whitelisted job, meaning you will have to apply for it. To apply for Officer, go to In this job, you are tasked with enforcing the law and are given equipment and vehicles to help you do so!


Jobs flagged with a * require you to apply for the position in-game. This is just a set of questions asked by the NPC. All the answers can be found in section 4 of the Server Rules. If you fail an application you simply have to wait 30 minutes and you can retake it.

Every 5 minutes you receive a paycheck, the pay varies between jobs and is prone to change with income tax. Income tax simply takes a percentage off your paycheck and the amount your paid is controlled by the Mayor.

That concludes the legal way to make money, simple I know! Onto the juice part.

the illegal way #

I would recommend, even if you haven't spent any of your banked starter money, you spend some time as a Paramedic. You will make good money and quickly witness lots of the map which is always a great thing. Once you're confident you know the general locations of the map; bazaar etc, you can get started.

I'm only going to teach you how to grow weed today, there are lots of amazing guides on how to produce the other narcotics so I'll leave it to them to teach you. Weed is the easiest and cheapest to produce and can get you a very pretty profit if you do it right.

Before doing any of this, you need to get your crafting level up a little bit. Go to Uncle Cos' opposite bank and buy 2 chunks of plastic and 1 hunk of polymer, then press F1->mixtures->melee and craft a baseball bat. Do this until your crafting is at least level 4. In doing this you will also level up your firearms a bit, which comes in later.

You firstly want to head down to bank, refer to the detailed map if you've forgotten where the bank is. When you're inside the bank, speak to one of the NPC's. Crouch if they're hard to get to or jump over the counter. When you're in the interaction menu, purchase either an appartment or a bazaar shop. For the first time I would recommend a bazaar shop as it's cheaper and you can do other things out front when you grow which makes it less obvious you're growing. The only negatives to a shop is that they are easy to raid and you can only make weed inside them.

There's then two options for how you grow the weed; planter box or basic planter. The basic planter is much cheaper to craft but makes less profit and is more expensive to maintain. The planter box is slightly more technical and is harder to setup but is much more worth it in the end and produces much more profit.

Next, go to Uncle Cos' next to bank to buy supplies. For both of the recipes, you need to buy a work bench from the NPC on the right. If you want to use a basic planter, buy the following:

  • 5 gardening pots from the NPC on the right
  • 4 wooden boards from the NPC on the left
  • 3 glue from the NPC on the left
  • 3 wood nails from the NPC on the left

At 25% sales tax (default), this will cost you $4718. If you want to make a planter box (recommended), buy the following:

  • 7 pieces of metal from the NPC on the left
  • 11 chunks of plastic from the NPC on the left
  • 2 glue from the NPC on the left
  • 3 hunks of polymer from the same NPC
  • 6 gardening pots

This will cost $5625 at default tax. To set up the planter box, you will also need to buy the following:

  • 3 metal rods, 1 glue, 3 pieces of metal and 2 chunks of plastic from Uncle Cos'
  • 3 light bulbs from RagnaTech, which is just up the road from Bazaar.

With these extra materials, that cost $3843, you can craft a radiator and a light pole. Two crucial parts of the planter box. Next head to the fish shop opposite the bank and buy two water tanks. Once you've bought the tanks, head to the City Garage next to bank and run to the pond behind it. When you're submerged in the pond, click on the water tanks in your inventory and it will fill them. You can also fill them in the Hicktown lake.

where to find the drug dealer #

Next, you will need to find the drug dealer. The dealers' location changes every few hours so it may take some searching. The monorail is your best friend and it can get you to any of the sectors very fast, make good use of it. Once you have sold 1000 bags of weed, the dealer texts you when their location changes. To find the drug dealer, refer to this map that I made.

Once you have located the dealer, you want to ask them if they are selling, they will say "what do you want?" and you want to pick something along the lines of "weed, green" etc. Multiple names for it but you want to select weed and if you're using a basic planter, buy 5 seeds, if you're using a planter box, buy 6 seeds.

When you have your seeds and all your crafting materials you want to make your way to the property you bought. When you are there, go inside and store the seeds for later use. Click on your work bench in the inventory and go to one of the walls, if you can place it there; there will be a green outline of it. Left click and you have placed the work bench. If you have a bazaar shop, I recommend placing it in the front.

basic crafting & production #

Next, look at the work bench and press F1. Go to the "mixtures" tab and in that tab, go to the "drugs" tab. Here you will see the recipes for the planter boxes. Left click on the icon of the box you want to craft, which should be flashing green. This will begin the crafting sequence and soon enough you should have a freshly crafted planter box. Click E on your workbench to view storage and left click on it to take it out.

This part only applies for people who chose the planter box; go back to mixtures and select furniture, then craft a radiator and a light pole.

Once you've crafted your planter box/basic planter, go into the back of your store and place it by pressing left click on it in the inventory. To setup a basic planter: get your seeds and whilst looking at your placed planter, press left click on the seeds. This will plant them 1 buy 1. If you want to move the planter at any time, press right click on it with your fists out. To check on your plant progress press E on the planter.

Setting up the planter box is only slightly more complicated. Place it as usual, then left click your light pole, radiator, pots and full water tank while looking at it which will equip them to the planter. Then, press E on it and where there's a square box and "water concentration", move the blue circle to the right until it the water concentration is 2.2. It must be 2.2 as this is proven to be the best concentration to grow weed. Then plant your 6 seeds and wait, simple. Same as above, press E to check on the planter.

When your plants are fully mature, click harvest ready and that will harvest your weed. You should have anywhere from 30-50 bags of weed, if you did it right. Now, with your weed in your inventory, go to the dealer, sell the weed to him and then buy more seeds, repeat. When planting new seeds on a basic planter, you need to buy a water bottle from a gas station and left click it while looking at the dry planter box. With a planter box, 1 batch of weed takes around 15 ml of water, so you'll have half a tank left.

Then simply repeat this process, you won't make millions but you'll make enough money for the next step!

I won't include details on robbing the bank in this guide, as that's more advanced and requires more experience. Also, while you're at the bazaar; buy yourself a gun

SECTION 5 - vehicles #

Now the question you've probably been asking, how do I get a car? Well you won't be able to get a nice whip just yet, but you can most definitely afford the best car in the game - the mini cooper 1965. Every player has owned one of these and its an amazing starter car, for only $25,000, it's yours!

To buy this beauty of a car, go to the car dealer marked on the detailed map, right next to bazaar. Go upstairs and speak to the NPC on the right, ask what they have in stock and find the mini cooper under the mini section. I wouldn't recommend buying any different car at this stage, definitely not that shtity ford pickup truck. The mini maxes 35mph and it's just shit but for the price, it's good.

Once you've purchased your lovely new car, go to the NPC at the bottom of the stairs to rice out your car; change colour, gloss and whatever else you want. This can be expensive so be careful not to spend all your drug money. Your car will already be spawned now but to spawn it, go to the NPC out the front and spawn it. Inside the city garage next to bank, you can also spawn it at the NPC.

Your car also has another cool feature, if you click T while looking at it you can open the car storage. In here you can legally store weapons, drugs and whatever else. There is limited space in here but enough to store a gun and a spare magazine.

SECTION 6 - the mayor & taxes #

I've been talking about taxes this whole time, so I'll talk about them finally. There are 3 different types of taxes: income, sales and fuel. They are very self explanatory, fuel takes a percentage off fuel, sale taxes percentage off what you buy etc.

There is one more legal job: The Mayor. The Mayor is voted by the players and to put your name for Mayor, you can enter the election at the NPC in City Hall (spawn). The Mayor has complete control of salaries, slots of jobs and taxes. Being the Mayor is pretty good. They can employ SS to protect them or roll solo.

Well why do they need protection? You may have heard of Mayor assassinations, basically; if the sales tax is above 35%, The Mayor can be demanded to lower them; if they fail to meet the demands - you can take action, all I will say.

current taxes #

With my incredible powers I will show you what the current sales, fuel and income taxes are and if there's a Mayor - who he is. Sales tax is 27%, Income tax is 42%, Fuel tax is 17% and there is no mayor.

SECTION 8 - locations of interest #

In this section you will want to refer to the detailed map. All of these locations are marked on it and I will just describe their use.

  • Fredy's Bakery - There are two of these shops, one in the City and one in the Suburbs. In this shop you can buy the best valued and most effective food; burgers.
  • Jennifer's Clothing - In this shop you can buy a makeover, jewlery and drip (premium only) and if you go upstairs, you can change your clothes and customize your character however you want. There are two Jennifers', one in Business Sector and one in Jennifer's just up the road from Fredy's Bakery.
  • Suburbs Storage - Between Fredy's Bakery and Jennifer's in the Suburbs, you there is an NPC which when you talk to them, lets you access your storage. This is great for quickly withdrawing items like weapons without having to own a property.
  • Roadcrew Station - In the RC Station you can repair your car and buy useful chemicals like Lye, which can be used in cocaine and meth production.
  • Gas Stations - Gas stations always provide an ATM, a place to refuel, food and water.
  • City Garage - Down the road from the bank, the big car park is host to a car spawner and a monorail station, so you can get around with ease.
  • The Pub - By the docks there is a little pub in which you can buy cigarettes, a fishing pole, beer and a bong. Everything you need right?

SECTION 9 - finish #

And that concludes this guide. This information took me a while to write and was all from memory, so if you see any factual errors please inform me as I wouldn't want someone who reads this for guidance to get false information. Though I have had it checked over by others.

There will be one more section below which is just some reference to other guides and information. If you're new I would greatly recommend you take a look.

Thanks for reading!

SECTION 10 - reference #

Here is some reference to maps, guides etc.

Internal Reference

External Reference