Starter Guide

First Steps

An introduction to the Tutorial System

So, you've just spawned in. You have created your character and ready to begin your adventure in Paralake. You will spawn at the City Hall and should be introduced to the Tutorial System. We strongly recommend you follow the tutorial to learn about the gamemode. A quick tip, you can access the help website, rules, laws, skills and other useful information by pressing F1.

Inventory and Statistics

How to access your Inventory and Money

You can press Q to check how much money you have on you, as-well as some statistics such as playtime, hunger and thirst. The money shown here is the money you have in your pocket but there are ATMs across the city where you can deposit and withdraw your cash. There are gas stations in the city which you can buy a cellphone, water and a flashlight. These are 3 good items to have, water is optional but it increases your health and is definitely recommended.

Player Information

How to check your hunger, thirst and stamina

The inventory screen will show you some information about your character on the left hand side. This section aims to explain the different types of information shown here.

Type Description
Health This changes when you take damage, it regenerates on its own (affected by the regeneration gene) or you can use a STIM pack to heal yourself, but you won't have those just yet.
Armour This can only change if you go on a government job such as Police or Secret Service.
Hunger This will decrease as time goes by, to get it back up, eat food. When your hunger hits "extremely hungry" your vision will become blurry.
Stamina This decreases as you run around, it affects your regeneration and means you cannot run as fast, or at all. To get this back up, drink water.


Information on Levelling Up

Your skills level up as you play, they've pretty self-explanatory, for example; your stamina skill will level up from running around a lot. The only skills that I imagine will raise confusion are the firearms and woodworking skills that level up from crafting, which we'll go into later.


Want to enhance your character some more?

You can purchase more genetics in the hospital by interacting with an NPC. There are a number of different genetics, these are explained below.

Type Description
Regeneration This is a good skill, it affects how fast you get back health when taking damage.
Perception This is good for crafting, I wouldn't bother with it straight away.
Influence Useless. Don't bother.
Intelligence Needed for crafting. I would at least spend 1 of your points on this.
Strength This affects your unarmed combat; e.g. punching, crafting, amount of weight you can carry and how much damage you take. I would invest a point in this.
Dexterity Honestly not that useful, unless you want car bombs!



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