The server has a huge player run market, many items need to be crafted individually by players and can't be acquired from the NPC’s on the server. This guide will give you an introduction on how to sell your items and start your shopkeeping career.

Selecting your shop

To set up your business shop you will need a designated location for your business. In Paralake, you have three different locations to choose from.

Market Stalls

The market stalls are located between City Hall and Slums apartments alongside Shady Street. The market stalls are quite small, placed in an open area. The personal chest is restricted, meaning you cannot withdraw any form of firearms from it. On the positive side, they are cheap and well placed in a busy area perfect for shop owners not focusing on firearm sales. The price of a market stall is $2,040,-

Market stalls front Business Shop

The business shops are located alongside Business Street. They are quite big, iconic looking with big shop windows. The business shops can hold two workbenches and come with a back room. The shop has a customizable sign, and you will be prompted to customize it when you purchase the property. The Business Shops are good for business owners who have quite a lot of items for sale and require a big area to show off their stock. The price of a Business Shop is $2,020,-

Business Shops Front Bazaar Shop

The bazaar shops are located by the business street, next to puffer market. The bazaar area is the busiest trade district in Paralake and customers come easily. The bazaar shop is medium sized with access to a backroom. The shop can fit two workbenches. Just like the business shop the shop comes with a customizable sign that you will be prompted to customize when you buy the property. The price of a Bazaar Shop is $1,530,-

Bazaar Front End

Buying your property

To buy your property you will need to visit the bank and speak with one of the front desk NPC’s, select the tab “Shops” and choose the property you would like to buy, if you select a business shop or a bazaar shop you will be prompted with a shop sign editor. This sign will decorate the front end of your shop so make sure to give your shop a good name.

Bank-NPC Menu

Setting a price on your items

To be able to set prices on the items you want to sell you will need to buy yourself a cash register. The cash register is purchasable from Chaddy’s located alongside Jefferson Street or from the delivery app using your phone. When you have the cash register open up your inventory by holding 'Q' and 'left click' the cash register to place it, any item you drop near the cash register will now prompt you with a menu that will allow you to set prices on your item. The taxes are hidden from the price you set unless you check the box ‘Tax Adjust?’ meaning the item costs will be higher than the visible price you have set on your product. You can also choose not to set a price on a product by clicking the box saying 'Not For Sale', the product will then be unsellable and only for display. You can also change the pricing on an item, you do this by pressing ‘E’ on an already priced item.

Cashregister menu

Deciding a price for your items

It can be hard to figure out how to calculate a price that will make your products sell with profit. Luckily there is a nice tool you can use made by Tinyslayer called Tinycalc. You can access the Tinycalc website by clicking here.

  1. Use the search function to find the prop you want to sell, click the shop cart icon to add item to your basket.
  2. Set the sales tax to the sales tax you bought your materials at.
  3. Under the price Inc. Tax tab on the website, you will now get the price off your product, setting a price above this price tag will ensure that you make profit on your item, be careful not to overprice your products otherwise your customizers might go elsewhere.

You can adjust the sales tax to a higher number to easily know how many percent of profit you are making on your product. If you bought your crafting materials at 10% sales tax and you sell your item with a 20% adjusted price you will make 9% profit on your product. Tinycalc Website

Tinycalc do not include delivery fee's, so make sure to add delivery fee's onto your price if you buy materials through the delivery app.



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