Taxi Driver


Taxi Driver is one of the legal jobs. It is a job limited to premium users. As a taxi driver, you can make money by driving people to their chosen destination. This guide will explain everything you need to know as one, or if you want to ride in one.

Becoming a Taxi Driver

The amount of taxi slots available can be checked in the City Info application. Open your phone (Z by default) click City Info, then go to "City Employment", scroll down till you see the yellow Taxi Driver info. This shows you the amount of slots, the amount of slots that are taken and the base-salary for a taxi driver.

To become a Taxi Driver, head over to the gas station in the City.

Next to the gas station building there is a small garage with a NPC in front of it, this is where you can become a Taxi Driver.

Talk to the NPC by pressing E on it, you will see this menu. Click the top option to become a Taxi Driver.

To spawn a taxi, talk to the NPC again by pressing E on it and click the top option again. This will give you an option to choose one of the four taxis. You have following options: Ford Crown Victoria, Mercedes E 63 AMG, Vauxhall Insignia & Toyota Prius. Choose either one of them and press "Claim Vehicle" at the bottom of your screen. The car will be spawned in the garage right in front of you.

Now go up to your taxi, right click with Keys/Unarmed to unlock it and press E to get inside, press R to toggle your engine and F to toggle your lights. Once you have entered your taxi, you can press Left Shift to toggle the Taxi Sign on and off. You're also able to change your Taxi Fare, press F3 whilst inside your taxi to open following menu. You can change your Taxi Fare from $5 till $100 per 100 metres.

Receiving calls

Being a Taxi Driver is a simple job, you wait for people to enter your taxi, you drop them off at their chosen location and then you repeat. There are several ways for players to contact you, they could use chat functions such as /taxi and /cab but they could also call 232 to call you directly from your phone. Don't have a microphone? No worries! Just use the /call chat function to communicate with the player calling you over the phone.

Players entering your Taxi

When players press E on your Taxi, they will see the following menu.

This menu has 2 boxes, the top one is the maximum a passenger wants to pay for a ride, which has a minimum of $400. The bottom one is the destination, the passenger writes his destination here so you know where to take him. Once he has stepped in, the notifications below will show up at the right side of your screen. When they step in, you get paid $200. For every 100 meters that you drive, you receive $40. Keep an eye on the right side of your screen to see exactly how much money you are making.

Keep in mind, if the passenger his maximum payment has been exceeded you will no longer receive payments for driving, if this happens you can either choose to kick the passenger out at a safe location or make him pay more by also stepping out at a safe location and then repeating the menu steps.

Once you have arrived at the destination, you could try asking the passenger for a tip, you never know who got lucky playing Poker in the Hungriges Schwein.


Now that you have your taxi and learned all the functions you are ready to start taking calls, you need to advertise that there is a Taxi Driver on duty so players are aware there is one. You can do this using the /advert chat function and this will NOT deduct money from your bank account. Advertising as a Taxi Driver is completely free but this should not be abused. A good advert example is shown below.

If you'd like to copy this advert, just copy this into the local chat. /advert Need a Taxi? Use /taxi, /cab or call 232 to arrange a pick up.

Another good way to make sure players know there is a Taxi Driver, is parking your taxi in front of the Police Department so players that have just joined the server see you immediately as they walk by and they might even want you to take them somewhere!

If you ever have to refuel, you can do this at any gas station completely free of charge.

Congratulations! You now know how the Taxi Driver job functions! Hopefully I will see you driving a Taxi soon!