Taxi Driver


Taxi Driver is one of the only Legal Jobs that requires Premium. As a Taxi Driver, you earn money by driving and dropping off Passengers to their chosen Destinations. This Guide will explain everything you need to know to become a Taxi Driver!

Becoming a Taxi Driver

To become a Taxi Driver, first, check the City Info app on your phone and see if any Taxi slots are available. Press Z > City Info > City Employment and scroll down a bit. If there are available slots, go to the Taxi station located right next to the City Garage Gas Station on Flintlock Street. Taxi Map

You will see a Gas Station and right next to it is the Taxi Station. In front of the Taxi Station is an NPC.

Taxi Garage

Speak to the NPC by pressing E on them, a menu will pop up. Click on the top option to become a Taxi Driver.

Press E on the same NPC and select the top option again, this will open up a menu where you can select and claim your vehicle. Once you have selected your vehicle, press "Claim" in the bottom right corner, This will spawn the vehicle inside the Garage in front of you.


Car Name Description
Taxi Crown vic Ford Crown Victoria Beginner vehicle with a top speed of 57 mph (91 kmh). It has decent handling and has a 3 passenger capacity.
Taxi Prius Toyota Prius Right hand drive Hybrid vehicle with top speed of 45 mph (72 kmh). Has average handling with 2 passenger capacity. Perfect vehicle for City commutes.
Taxi Mercedes Mercedes AMG E63 Fancy Taxi vehicle with a top speed of 78 mph (125 kmh). Good handling with max 2 passenger capacity.
Taxi Vauxhall Vauxhall Insignia Right hand drive vehicle with top speed of 71 mph ( 114 kmh). Good handling and also capable of carrying 2 passengers.


Key Function
F3 Change Taxi Fare Prices
SHIFT Taxi Sign Light

Once you have claimed your desired vehicle, go up to the driver's side door and right click with keys to Unlock/Lock it. Press E to enter the vehicle and then press R to start the Engine. You can use Left Shift button to turn off/on your Taxi Sign Light! Pressing F3 will let you change the Taxi Fare Prices going from 5$ up to 100$ per 100 Meters. The Menu should look something like this.

Taxi Fare Price

Refueling will also be completely free of charge!

Receiving calls

Now as a Taxi driver, simply wait for passengers to enter your vehicle, then drop them off at their desired location. There are 2 ways people can contact you, They can either use /taxi or /cab in chat or they can call 232 to directly speak with you. If you can't communicate with a microphone, you can always use /call in order to speak with your Customers.

In order for passengers to be able to ride together, they will have to add each other as buddies!

Taxi Chat

Entry Fee and Fare Prices

Once a player enters your taxi, you will receive a notification, showing the entry fee price the player has paid.

Passenger Enter Taxi

Each 100 meters driven will result in the passenger paying the price that you have previously setup using the F3 key.


Advertising is a great way to receive calls from potential customers, You can make one by using /advert, which will be completely free of charge as a taxi driver! Here's an image of what a good advert should look like.

Taxi Advert

Another way of receiving customers is to park in front of the City Hall building, which is where most of the players will spawn. One of them could be a potential customer looking for a quick ride.

Taxi City Hall



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