This guide aims to show you the basic principles of becoming and performing duties as a Firefighter. Fire Department


The Firefighter role is mainly responsible for, as the name suggests, extinguishing fires around the city of Paralake. It is your duty to ensure that the citizens and government employees are safe from a fire. This can include breaking doors down with a fire axe to access fires inside locked properties or using a fire hose to extinguish a large area that is ablaze. You are also expected to treat wounds from many sources of injury as you are provided with a Health Kit.

Obtaining Firefighter

To become a firefighter you need to find your way to the Paralake Fire Department which is located next to the Slums Apartments. The map below highlights the location of the Fire Department : Paralake V5 FD Map

Interact with the NPC at the front desk inside the fire department by clicking E on it, the entrance is on the left. You will then be given an option to write a short exam which you must pass to be able to work as a firefighter. You must read the relevant rules/laws to be able to pass this exam. Rule 4.3 Firefighters explains what you must and must not do as a firefighter.

You can go over the rules using the following link :

You can then go over the laws using the following link :

Once you pass the exam interact with the NPC again and select "Yes, I'm interested in a position as a fire fighter" to become a firefighter. FF UI Menu

NOTE: Sometimes the job is full and so when you select the first option you will be told that the job is full. In this situation you will have to wait until someone resigns.

Items and Tools

As a Firefighter you are provided with certain items and tools that enable you to do your duties. This section will go into detail about how to access such items and how to use them. You can access your tools by clicking the numbers shown in the pictures below or using your mouse scroll wheel and left clicking on them.

Fire Hose

Fire Hose

The Fire Hose is the most effective and quickest way to put out a fire. However, you must be nearby a fire engine or a fire hydrant to use it. You will receive $75 for extinguishing a fire with the fire hose

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Extinguisher enables you to put out fires in areas where the fire hose will not work because of the lack of a water source. It is a portable fire fighting tool that does a brilliant job. It however does have only 500 units of extinguishing chemical in it and you will have to get a new extinguisher when the current one runs out of chemical.

Fire Axe

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is a crucial tool that enables you to knock down locked doors when there is a fire nearby. This allows you to access locked areas that are on fire and save those trapped inside. Left click with your mouse on a door to use this, it might take a few hits to knock a door open.

Health Kit

Firefighter Health Kit

The Health Kit restores HP to injured players, and also cures bleeding. Use lmb to heal an injured player.

Alternatively, use rmb to heal your own bleeding (this can also be accomplished with bandages.)


You are also provided with bandages that can be used to stop other people's bleeding by holding Q to bring up your inventory wheel as shown :


You can then, while looking at a bleeding player, right click on them to apply the bandage as shown below:



There are two vehicles of which you can choose from depending on what you need to do.

Dodge RAM (First responder)

Dodge RAM Firefighter

This vehicle is used to respond to incidents which can be seen in the Police Computer. However, unlike the fire engine, you are allowed to patrol the city with this vehicle. Using this vehicle allows for shorter response times due to its greater top speed compared to the fire engine. You also are not able to use this vehicle as a portable water source for your fire hose. To use a fire hose while going around with this vehicle you need to be next to a fire hydrant.

Seagate Fire Truck (Full sized Fire engine)

Fire Engine

This vehicle on the other hand can only be used when responding to incidents. You cannot actively patrol in this vehicle and must remain at a government station awaiting a call. You can use this vehicle as a source of water for your fire hose when there are no fire hydrants nearby.

To activate the emergency lights, press shift. For sirens, press Q . You can also use the bullhorn by pressing C.

In each vehicle you can access the police computer to see the current incidents, create new ones or look at the current employees by clicking F3.



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