This guide aims to show you the basic principles of becoming and performing duties as a Medic.



The Medic, or EMS (Emergency Medical Service) role, is responsible for the general wellbeing of Paralake citizens and government employees, in regards to their health. It is your duty to ensure that everyone you treat is 100% healthy; which can mean treating crippled limbs, bleeding, or low HP. You are also responsible for the resuscitation of unconscious victims.

Obtaining Medic

Travel to the Hospital to begin your Paramedic journey. You will find the Hospital on Main Street, right next to the intersection, or opposite the Bank. Enter through the front doors, and interact with the NPC closest to the seating area.

Like all government jobs, you must first pass a short exam. Read the various rules and laws related to Medic and government jobs to help you pass. Remember, if you fail the exam, it's possible to resit it in another hour.

If the job is full, the NPC will tell you that they are not recruiting anybody at that time.

Tools Walkthrough

Before venturing out into the paramedic world, you should familiarise yourself with the tools that you have. The pictures below will show you what each tool does and when is appropriate to use it:

Body remover tool bodyremover

The Body Remover tool simply removes deceased bodies and awards you $250 for each one you remove. You must be near a fullsize ambulance to remove bodies, and you cannot remove unconscious bodies.



Defibrillator's (Defib's, Resuscitators) revive unconscious victims. You can tell if a body is unconscious by listening to various, periodical moaning sounds that come from it (alternatively, you can use the DNA Sampling tool on the body which will give you a definitive answer.)

To use the defibrillator, firstly charge them with rmb; a minimum of 4 charges is required to charge the defibrillator. Once charged, use lmb on the body to attempt a revival. It may take up to 3 revival attempts to bring a body back to life.

DNA sampling tool dnatool

The DNA Sampling Tool (DNA Scanner, DNA Sampler) is a vital tool; also available to Police Sergeants and above. Its purpose is to scan dead bodies and reveal the name and facial features of both the victim and the suspect. Additionally, it tells you the weapon used: from melee to guns to vehicles.

The victim is the left-hand description which will reveal their:

  • Full name

  • Photograph

  • Cause of death (eg, murder, suicide, unknown)

  • Status (if they're unconscious or deceased)

The most likely suspect is the right-hand description which will reveal their:

  • Full name

  • Photograph

  • Weapon used (if any, this also applies to vehicles and will show you a photograph of the vehicle instead of a weapon)

  • Weapon photograph (if any were used, also applies to vehicles)

Here is an example of what you may typically find when using the DNA sampler: exampledna

Below are some tools you may use as a medic which you'll encounter in other jobs

Health kit healthkit

The Health Kit restores HP to injured players, and also cures bleeding. Use lmb to heal an injured player.

Alternatively, use rmb to heal your own bleeding (this can also be accomplished with bandages.)

Bandages inventorybandage

Bandages stop bleeding. They do not regenerate HP. You can stop your own bleeding by clicking the bandage in your inventory using lmb, or bandage other players using rmb



There are two choices of vehicle available to you, both for different purposes.

Toyota Prius (First Responder) emstoyotaprius

The Prius is a designated first-responder and has a top speed of 72 mph (116 kmh). It has the benefit of permitted city-wide patrol, which means response times are faster; however, it cannot remove dead bodies.

Brute Crown Royal (Fullsize Ambulance) emsbrutecrownroyal

The Crown Royal is designated to clear up deceased bodies and has a top speed of 65 mph (105 kmh). This vehicle must be stationed until called out, therefore cannot patrol like the Prius.

To activate the emergency lights, press kp shift. For sirens, press kp q. You can also use the bullhorn by pressing kp c.



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