Important Resources


Key Function
SHIFT Emergency lights
Q Siren
C Toggle vehicle child lock
ALT Horn (with sirens, hold for alt siren)
F3 Open Police Computer (while in car or at PD)
B <small>(hold)</small> Talk in global government radio
N <small>(hold)</small> Talk in unit/incident radio
H <small>(hold)</small> Mute radio channels
RMB + 'Fists' Drag a handcuffed suspect
R + 'Fists' Force a handcuffed suspect in/out of a vehicle

Text Commands

Chat Function Usage
/gov, /radio Text-based government channel, visible to all emergency services and the Mayor.
/roadcrew, /rc Sends a message to on-duty Road Crew workers.
/policebroadcast, /pbc Used by Traffic officers and supervisors for city-wide police announcements.
/panic Emergency function that sends your location and an alarm to all emergency services. For use when in imminent danger.

Common Radio codes to remember

Code Message
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received, understood
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat message.
10-19 Return(ing) to station
10-20 Location
10-29F Subject wanted, felony
10-45A Condition of patient: good
10-45B Condition of patient: serious
10-45C Condition of patient: critical
10-45D Condition of patient: dead
11-95 Traffic stop
Code 4 No further assistance needed
Code 6 Stay out of area



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