Road Crew


The Road Crew job is to tow and impound vehicles on officers' demand. By rule 4.4, a RC Worker is allowed to tow a car only if authorized by an officer, In addition, a RC worker is not allowed to patrol around the city and remain within the impound lot, unless responding to a call out. The RC worker may charge a fee up to 500$ for each service(Repairing, Towing). If you talk to the RC NPC, you will see you have several options:


  1. 1:Spawn a tow truck
  2. Get cones
  3. Impound a vehicle
  4. Resign from the job

How to tow and impound a vehicle

For to tow a vehicle, first thing you need to do is to spawn your tow truck, After that, drive to the location of the vehicle that needs to be towed and stop the truck in parallel to the car:

RC Car

After you do that, you need to place a wheel clamp by pressing 4 and left click on the vehicle(for to remove the wheel clamp, press R on the vehicle while holdnig the wheel clamp(number 4):

Wheel clamp

Then, you need to place the boot on the vehicle: at the back of the tow truck by the license plate, there is a button:

RC Button

If you press E on it once, it releases the boot, if you press it again, it stops it, and third time, it takes the boot back, So for to tow the car, We will press it once to let the boot release, we need to make sure its open for long enough to have a long enough rope that will get to the car:

Boot Release

Boot release

Now we can attach it to the car, you will know its attached by the sound it makes:

Boot attach

Then we will press the button again, and stop it when the 2 tires are at the air:

Car tow

now we need to drive to the impound lot and release the car, for to release the boot we need to press E on it, watch out to not get squeezed by the car!

Impound lot

The last thing we have to do, is to talk to the RC NPC and get the car impounded, after it is done we get 500$ to the bank account:

Vehicle impound



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