Road Crew


The Road Crews main job is to fix vehicles or to tow and impound vehicles on officers demand. The second part of the job is to clean up car wrecks, after an explosion! By rule 4.4, a RC Worker is allowed to tow a car only if authorized by an officer. The RC worker may charge a fee up to $500 for each service(Repairing, Towing). If you talk to the RC NPC, you will see you have several options:


  1. Spawn a tow truck
  2. Get cones
  3. Impound a vehicle
  4. Resign from the job
  5. Exit the menu

How to tow and impound a vehicle

If you want to tow a vehicle, the first thing you will have to do is spawn your tow truck. After that, drive to the location of the vehicle that needs to be towed and stop the truck in parallel to the car:

RC Car

After you do that, you need to place a wheel clamp by pressing 6 and left click on the vehicle(to remove the wheel clamp, press R on the vehicle while holding the wheel clamp(number 6):

Wheel Clamp

After putting on a wheel clamp, you'll have to lower the hook of the RC truck. To control the hook you have to be in your RC truck, then you can press 1, 2 & 3 to control the hook.

  1. To lower the hook
  2. To stop lowering the hook.
  3. To bring the hook back up.

So you have to press 1 while sitting in the truck. Then go to the back of your truck and pick up the hook with your fists, by right clicking it, crouching is advised.

Boot Release

Now we can attach it to the car, you will know its attached by the sound it makes:

Boot attach

Then you'll have to get back in your truck and press 3 to bring the hook back up.

Car tow

After this is done you can just drive off to the impound lot. Once you've got there you'll have to lower the car inside the lot by pressing 1 while sitting in the RC truck. Then get out and press E on the hook. Watch out not to get squeezed by the car!

Impound lot

The last thing we have to do, is to go talk to the RC NPC and get the car impounded, after it is done you will get $500 send to your bank account:

Vehicle impound

How to clean up a scene after a car explosion

If a car explodes, by a bomb or fire there's some car debris left behind. It's your job to clean this up. It's very easy! Just drive your RC truck up to the debris. Then get out and press 6 to get your "Road Cleaning Equipment" out.

Road Cleaning Equipment

While this is equipped left click on the debris and you will clean it up! For every piece of car debris you clean up you'll get an additional $250!

There are four kinds of car debris, you can left click each single one of them when your RC truck is close enough. If your RC truck is too far away you'll get a notification.

Car Debris Kinds



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