Refund Requests

What is a refund request? A refund request is a way of getting compensation back for loss of items that were lost due to either a rulebreak or game bug/glitch. To submit a refund request, the users that have broken rules must be punished first before making any requests, this being through an Action Request or a report in-game. Bugs or glitches that occur in-game must be provided with video evidence, clearly showing that it is a server side issue and not client side. Client-side issues cannot be refunded. Minimum price for a refund to be made is $5000. Here is an example of how to create a perfect refund request:

First stage: Make a thread, title it with either the staff member who told you to post it or just your name with RR added onto it. Then wait for it to be either accepted or denied:

Refund Example

Then, when your Refund has been accepted, you can go in-game and make a report like so to receive what you lost: Refund Example 2

When an Admin has dealt with your report, they'll bring you to a roof where there will be a box that looks exactly like this: Refund Box

To pick it up, simply press E to receive it. All contents inside the box will be sent to your storage where you'll be able to get them out when you're teleported back.

These types of reports can stay open for a while, Patience is key. There are only a small amount of Staff members who are capable of dealing with these sort of reports. Make the report and just wait for it to be dealt with.



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