Refund Requests

What is a refund request?

A Refund Request is our primary method of getting compensation for the loss of items as a result of a rule break, bug or glitch. To submit a refund request, the users that have broken rules must be punished first before you can submit a Refund Request. This being through an Action Request or a report in-game.

Refund Requests can also be made if you've lost items as a result of a bug or glitch. These requests must be accompanied with evidence at all times, clearly showing that it is a server side issue and not client side. Client-side issues cannot be refunded. Minimum price for a refund to be made is $5000.

How to make a refund request.

Once you are ready to make a Refund Request, navigate to the Perpheads Forums, and scroll down to the 'Administration' section. Click on 'Refund Requests', then click on 'Create Refund Request' A form will be provided for you to fill. Once filled, you can click Submit and your Refund Request will be created. If your items were lost as a result of a rule break, make sure you mention the staff member that dealt with your Action Request, or in-game report. Please also mention any attachments to any firearms you've lost, as these can be forgotten by the staff member handling your request.

Refund Example


Accepted Refund Requests

When your Refund Request has been accepted, you can go in-game and make a Report (Press F6) to receive what you lost.
Ensure that you link your Refund Request in the report, so staff know what items you need refunded.

Refund Example 2

When an Administrator is dealing with your report, they'll teleport you to a roof where there will be a box that looks exactly like this.
You can press E to pick it up. All contents inside the box will be sent to your storage where you'll be able to get them out when you're teleported back. Refund Box

Other notes

These types of reports can stay open for a while, Patience is key. There are only a handful of Administrators who can deal with these sort of reports. The best course of action is to make the report and just continue playing. After posting your Refund Request, messaging staff about it will not make the process faster. When replying to an Action Request that you've posted, please follow the basic conduct rules of our forums to the best of your abilities.

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