Chat Commands


  • OOC (Out of Character) is for chat commands where Basic Conduct rules should be followed.
  • IC (In Character) is for chat commands where Basic Conduct rules do not have to be followed, but should only be used to communicate as your character.

Chat Functions & Descriptions

Chat Function Usage
/ooc, // This makes your message visible to the entire server and should be used for global out of character communication.
/looc This is local out of character, it displays your message to people around you and is to be used for local out of character communication.
/help This is used if you want to ask any questions regarding the functionality of the gamemode or any information regarding the community.
/local This is the primary method of In-character communication, it displays your message to the people around you.
/whisper, /w This is similar to local chat however only people very close to you can see it.
/yell, /y This is similar to local chat however people slightly further away can see it.
/call A different way to speak if you are on a phone call with someone, and can't use your voice.
/broadcast, /bc This is similar to adverts but is used only by the Mayor, this should also not be misused and messages kept as realistic as possible.
/policebroadcast, /pbc This is similar to normal broadcasts, but is only accessible by Traffic Officers and high ranking officers
/panic Sends a panic message to other government employees telling them you are in danger.
/advert This broadcasts your message to the entire server, it is used for in-character advertisements and should be used realistically and not misused.
/roadcrew, /rc This is used when you require assistance from a Roadcrew Worker, you should clarify your location and vehicle when using this chat function.
/taxi, /cab This is used to summon a taxi driver, you should provide your location when using this chat function.
/courier This will let you communicate with an on-duty courier.<br> Messages sent are one-way, and is best used if a courier accidentally drives past you.
/radio, /gov This is used by government employees (excluding Roadcrew) to communicate.
/org This is used to communicate with other members of your organisation.
/me This is used to portray actions that your character might make that is otherwise impossible to reflect using the game mechanics. (Rule 3.26 should be obeyed when using this function).
/desc This is used to describe a situation or character from a 3rd person perspective.
/roll This randomly generates a number between 1-100.
/flip, /coin Flips a coin and gives either heads or tails.
/act This plays an animation for your character and in some instances forces your character to perform an action (e.g. drop all equipped weapons). Alternatively, the act wheel can be used to perform actions via your +menu_context bind.



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