If your question is not included here, use /help chat. If it’s a sensitive matter, feel free to contact an admin for a private discussion with /report or conversation on the forums.

Q - Why do I see errors?

A - Be sure to have enabled ‘allow all custom files from server’ in your GMOD settings, if you’re still getting errors see the ‘Guides’ section on the forums to address specific issues.

Q - What is PERPHEADS?

A - Perpheads is a serious RP server, it’s designed to recreate real life to an enjoyable and manageable extent, to keep this balance there are server rules that you should read before playing. Perpheads has plenty of custom content and uses a custom made map. In addition to the Perp server, Perpheads is a warm and friendly community with plenty of ‘intra-community’ interaction that you can take part in.

Q - What can I do on the server?

A - Perp has something for everyone but to find what you will enjoy you’ve really got to experience it first. In a broad sense there are two options: Employed or Unemployed. To become employed you must first pick a job (they are all listed on the top of the tablist) and make your way to their respective location, you can either use /help to ask for a location or explore the map yourself. As an employed player there are specific duties that you must carry out, more information regarding your duties can be found in the Rules list and the guide section of the forums.

As an unemployed citizen there are ample opportunities to engage in roleplay situations, you can buy shops to sell items, go to the lake and fish to earn some money, engage in illegal activities by manufacturing drugs or robbing the bank and much more!

Q - This map is so big and full how do I find my way around?

A - It may seem daunting at first however with a bit of exploring you’ll soon become very familiar with Paralake, but to start with you can purchase a phone and use the Map app to make your way through the map you can also use /help for specific questions. The map is sorted into four main sections: The City, Business Sector, Suburbs and Forest. “”

Q - I’ve got all this money on me, how do I store it?

A - Find an ATM! They are all over the map and don’t need to be set up at all, simply select how much money you want to deposit and there you go!

Q - How do I call my friends?

A - Buy a phone! Phones are for sale at ‘Ragnatech’ a shop in the business sector (right at the intersection from the PD). Phones have a text message and call function, they also have a map app that you can use to navigate the map. Bring up the phone by pressing ‘Z’

Q - How do I get around?

A - There are many ways to get around the map, sometimes walking will take too long or is too dangerous, so why not use public transport? If there is a taxi driver on use /taxi to summon him! Taxi too expensive? Make your way to one of the three monorail stations on the map, the closest one to city hall is on top of the car garage (near the hospital). Sick of public transport? Buy a car! The Car Dealer is located at the centre of the business sector and the cheapest car is only $25,000.

Q - How do I buy a property?

A - Make your way over to the XQ Bank in the city (behind the hospital) and talk to one of the three attendants to buy a property. Each property has a thumbnail with a picture and a specific name, if you are unsure where your newly purchased property is either ask in /help chat or check out the map on your phone! You lose your property if you disconnect so make the most of it! You can allow your friends to access your property using the buddy system (F4).

Q - How do I store my items?

A - You have one storage and it is bound to your character and cannot be accessed by anyone else, there are two ways to access this storage. Either at the suburbs through the storage attendant or in a property in the form of a storage box.

Q - How do I change out of these lame clothes?

A - There are two clothing stores on the map, both are called ‘Jennifers’ the easiest one to get to without transportation is at the suburbs, simply walk down to the church and make your way past the storage attendant. At the top floor of the building is a mirror - press your use button (‘E’ by default) on this and you can customize your look!

Q - How do I craft items?

A - By pressing F1 and navigating to ‘mixtures’ you can see all the items that you can craft and the required items, skills and genes. Some items require a ‘heat supply’ this is obtained by standing next to an oven whilst crafting. Skills can be obtained by practicing the skill, for example ‘lockpicking’ is increased by lockpicking doors. Genes can be purchased at the hospital for a price up to 15 genes total, however as a default you have 5 unassigned genes that you can apply in the F1 menu - make this decision carefully as you might need genes for other things later on.

Q - I’ve just seen someone break a rule! What do I do?

A - Perpheads has a large staff team to moderate and administrate the server, it’s important to know who is who. There are 6 ranks within the staff team, starting with enforcers, these are new staff members who enforce rules and deal with situations as they see them, if an enforcer approaches you be sure to listen! Next there are the Moderators and Administrators, they’re here to answer reports and make sure everyone on the server is on the right track, to get their attention simply press F6 and create a report with an outline of your concern. Then there is Senior Administration, we’re here to make sure the server’s administration is at a satisfactory level. By opening the tablist all the online staff members will be at the top, for a full and up to date list visit the forums!

Q - I’ve been banned, how do I know how long I’ve been banned for?

A - We have a scambans that logs all Bans; their lengths, reasons and the staff member who invoked it. Visit the website to find out how long you’re banned for.

Q - I made a report and no one came, how do I make sure the staff team know that this person broke the rules?

A - Often times reports can get lost, if there are staff members online and you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time submit another report. If your situation is still not resolved feel free to submit an Action Request on the forums and provide the appropriate evidence.

Q - How do I get a car?

A - You can purchase a car at the Car Dealer which is situated in the business sector. Once you have purchased a vehicle you can customize it by talking to the NPC on the ground floor of the Car Dealer. To reclaim your vehicle or choose a different vehicle you should talk to either the NPC outside the Car Dealer or the NPC at the car garage at the inner city.

Q - My car is broken and dirty, how do I fix and clean it?

A - Cars can be broken in a variety of different ways, before fixing your car you should first find out what’s wrong with it. If the exterior of the car is badly damaged and the paint is chipped, you should visit the garage at the business sector and talk to the rightmost NPC. If the car engine won’t start first time and a lot of smoke comes from the back of the car you should call the roadcrew or visit the NPC at the roadcrew lot. If the car won’t start at all and is ‘wrecked’ you should call the roadcrew or buy a wrench from the Uncle COS hardware store. If the car is dirty you should go to the carwash at the business sector (across the road from the repair centre).